Climate change is an element that demands urgent tackling due to economic impacts, ecosystem disruption, and more. So, it has become the top priority for businesses worldwide. Moreover, as the effects of global warming increase, companies are under increased pressure to reduce the impact and shift to clean and renewable sources. Power purchase agreements are the ideal solution for this. It provides organizations with the option to buy energy from renewable producers like solar or wind farms.  Nevertheless, the space of PPA is complex, and sourcing renewable energy can be challenging. This is where the Net Zero Energy Sourcing And Power Purchase Agreements Summit organized by Future Bridge came in by bringing experts into the space with valuable sessions and discussions. It took place in Berlin, Germany from 29th Feb – 1st March 2024.

In this article, we will dive deep into the Net Zero Energy Sourcing And Power Purchase Agreements Summit. We will look at what the sessions were about, insights into the sponsors, and more. It will give some valuable and practical insights that will actually help in the sustainability journey.

Net Zero Energy Sourcing And Power Purchase Agreements: Sessions Covered At The Event

The Net Zero Energy Sourcing And Power Purchase Agreements Summit featured a multiple array of speakers/sessions. They shared invaluable knowledge and experiences. Moreover, it gave attendees a comprehensive understanding of the field and practical solutions. Let’s go deeper into the sessions ahead:

Kenneth Rotvig DUPONT, Energy Category Director, ROCKWOOL

Kenneth Rotvig DUPONT, the Energy Category Director at ROCKWOOL delved into the intricacies of creating and developing holistic corporate renewable energy portfolios. He emphasized the importance of considering different energy portfolio models. This is assessing which solutions are best suited for specific business activities, and effectively managing energy supply risk. Additionally, the speaker sheds light on the pros and cons of PPAs versus energy attribute certificates (EACs). Moreover, he explored pricing structures, challenges and determined the most appropriate option for companies.

Michael PELLOT, Head of International Affairs, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB)

Michael PELLOT, the Head of International Affairs at Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) addressed the challenges and lessons learned from renewable energy sourcing under public scrutiny. He highlighted the importance of focusing on current and developing infrastructure. This is anticipating evolving energy needs. He also discusses overcoming challenges in public procurement processes and effectively managing public perceptions and expectations.

Thomas KOTT, Head of Portfolio Management, Axpo (Silver Sponsor)

Thomas KOTT, the Head of Portfolio Management at Axpo discussed the types of renewable energy PPAs most suitable for various business needs and activities. He explored virtual PPAs, portfolio PPAs, and block delivery PPAs. The speaker also guided in determining the best option based on specific requirements.

Ouafik El KASMIOUI, Group Sourcing Manager Energy & Utilities, Borealis

Ouafik El KASMIOUI, the Group Sourcing Manager Energy & Utilities at Borealis highlighted the numerous benefits of renewable energy PPAs across organizations. He delved into how PPAs contribute to reducing Scope 2 emissions. Moreover, the speaker talked about achieving cost savings compared to traditional energy procurement approaches and effective mitigation of market risk exposure. Additionally, the speaker shed light on managing price volatility and enhancing sustainability reporting.

Elisabeth LUCAS, Program Manager for Group Efficiency, Orange

Elisabeth LUCAS, the Program Manager for Group Efficiency at Orange focused on developing environmental regulatory demands. She also focused on their impacts on energy sourcing. Furthermore, she explored changes in the European electricity market. So, emerging national and international regulations impacting PPAs, the need for transparency, and clear rules were seen. She also discussed forecasting the impact of renewable investment and scrutinizing the effects on energy-sourcing strategies. Additionally, the speaker discussed how aggressive renewable energy procurement targets over the next 5-10 years might affect projected energy spending and associated uncertainties.

Katharina WINTER, Head of PPA Advisory Services, act renewable (Bronze Sponsor)

Katharina WINTER, the Head of PPA Advisory Services at Act Renewable provided valuable insights on concluding renewable energy PPAs most suitable for businesses. She emphasized the importance of selecting the right PPA product (virtual vs. physical, baseload vs. fixed hourly profile vs. pay-as-produced). She also discussed on choosing the appropriate counterparty (utility, trader, IPP, developer), and shared lessons learned from negotiations. As a result, she highlighted how the chosen PPA product and counterparty might impact negotiations in the Net Zero Energy Sourcing And Power Purchase Agreements Summit.

Franck DUBRAY, Energy Manager, Metro

Franck DUBRAY, the Energy Manager at Metro discussed determining the most suitable renewable energy PPA onsite solutions. He explored public tax and grant incentives, choosing the best energy source for specific circumstances and planning/design. The speaker also talked about the construction of onsite power generation facilities, risk management, investment, and management buy-in. His session ended with the topics of corporate financing strategies, system ownership models, and strategies for supplier selection and negotiation.

Gerrit RIEMER, Head of Governmental Affairs Germany / Head of Corporate Representative Berlin, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG

Gerrit RIEMER, the Head of Governmental Affairs Germany and Head of Corporate Representative Berlin at ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG presented insights on achieving renewable energies for a safe and climate-neutral business location.

Jan KNIEVEL, Head of Origination, Sunnic Lighthouse GmbH (Bronze Sponsor)

Jan KNIEVEL, the Head of Origination at Sunnic Lighthouse GmbH discussed integrating PPAs into existing energy sourcing structures. He covered the parties involved (PPA and service providers, sleeving utilities, internal departments) and sleeving PPAs. He also covered risk pricing and sharing, multi-PPA sourcing, and PPA portfolio management.

Martijn Van WIJNGAARDEN, Head of 24/7 Renewables, Iron Mountain Data Centers

Martijn Van WIJNGAARDEN, the Head of 24/7 Renewables at Iron Mountain Data Centers shared insights on partnerships with energy providers and PPA sourcing. He discussed designing tenders. He also focused on PPA contractual negotiations and innovation in PPA structuring.

Norbert AUDEOUD, Corporate Director Operational Excellence & Sustainability, Knauf

Norbert AUDEOUD, the Corporate Director of Operational Excellence & Sustainability at Knauf focused on the impact of global geopolitical events. This is on corporate renewable energy sourcing. He addressed threats to oil and gas supplies. Moreover, he addressed the pricing of global energy and fuel products, market volatility, and the need for holistic risk management in the Net Zero Energy Sourcing And Power Purchase Agreements Summit.

Miika KAKKO, Senior Manager, Energy Efficiency, Fazer

Miika KAKKO, the Senior Manager of Energy Efficiency at Fazer explored the exciting opportunities in purchasing and managing energy as a service (EaaS). He discussed setting parameters and requirements when opting for EaaS. Moreover, its impact on energy portfolio and mix development was also seen. His session ended with examining the effects on an organization’s green credentials, contract drafting, and negotiation, and fostering true partnership relationships with vendors.

Michael HAMILTON, VP Commodities, Bekaert

Michael HAMILTON, the VP of Commodities at Bekaert addressed how renewable energy PPAs impact risk exposure. Furthermore, he covered PPAs for watertight risk mitigation (price risk, volatility, security of supply, compliance with sustainability regulatory requirements, and reputation management).

Vendor Session: Innovative technologies and solutions to minimize risk exposure

This vendor session focused on cutting-edge technology and ways to reduce risk exposure. It was designated for renewable energy suppliers, energy consultants, carbon offsetting and emissions reduction solutions, and Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions reporting and accounting.

Surbhi SINGHVI, Manager, Energy Transformation, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Surbhi SINGHVI, Manager of Energy Transformation, spoke about Heat/Thermal Purchase Agreements as a low-carbon heating solution.

Igor RADOJKOVIĆ, Director of Procurement, Logistics and Real Estate Management, Hrvatski Telekom

Igor RADOJKOVIĆ, the Director of Procurement, Logistics, and Real Estate Management at Hrvatski Telekom examined different types of renewable energy PPA structures and models. He also determined the best one for specific needs. Furthermore, he covered determining current and future energy needs, assessing risk appetite, and physical vs. virtual PPAs. So, he explored the pros and cons of self-owned solutions and examined industry trends and prospects for the future at the Net Zero Energy Sourcing And Power Purchase Agreements Summit.

Vendor Session: How can fast-developing storage technology boost the cost-efficiency and effectiveness of your energy procurement?

This vendor session, reserved for energy storage solutions, energy consultants, carbon offsetting and emissions reduction solutions, and Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions reporting and accounting, focused on how fast-developing storage technology can boost the cost-efficiency and effectiveness of energy procurement. It addressed fast-developing energy storage solutions, energy storage within the energy mix and portfolio, and energy storage as a risk management tool.

Vinh Thông LE NHUT, Director – Group Energy Projects, Digital Realty

Vinh Thông LE NHUT, the Director of Group Energy Projects at Digital Realty shared insights on identifying, mitigating, and managing renewable energy PPA risk exposure. He covered strategies and solutions for hedging price risk and mitigating price volatility, mitigating electricity supply and volume risk, understanding the intricacies of operational risk and its impact on energy supply, identifying and mitigating contract risk, and prospects for insurance solutions.

Canan ACAR, Associate Professor, University of Twente

Canan ACAR, an Associate Professor at the University of Twente spoke on building a sustainable future. This is with the use of hydrogen energy. The speaker explored hydrogen production and storage methods, application of the hydrogen energy in various sectors, and challenges & opportunities in scaling hydrogen infrastructure. The speaker also discussed navigating policy and regulatory frameworks for hydrogen energy. 

Best practice strategies for exploiting carbon offsets and credits

This session covered best practice strategies for exploiting carbon offsets and credits in the Net Zero Energy Sourcing And Power Purchase Agreements Summit. It is a crucial component of achieving net-zero emissions and promoting sustainability.

Closing Panel Discussion

The closing panel discussion focused on determining and developing the most suitable renewable energy PPA onsite solutions, addressing the challenges faced and strategies to overcome them.

Net Zero Energy Sourcing And Power Purchase Agreements Summit: Who Were The Sponsors At The Event?

The Net Zero Energy Sourcing And Power Purchase Agreements Summit featured several esteemed sponsors, each contributing their expertise and innovative solutions to the renewable energy sector.

Axpo (Silver Sponsor)

Axpo is a Swiss leader in the production of renewable energy. They are also an international leader in the trading of energy and marketing of solar and wind power. It is driven by a single purpose. It is to open a sustainable future with innovative energy solutions. Furthermore, with more than 6000 employees, Axpo uses cutting-edge technologies to meet the growing needs of its customers. This is in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Act Renewable (Bronze Sponsor)

Act Renewable is an independent advising firm whose goal is to assist multinational corporations. This is in their shift to renewable energy sources in Asia and Europe. In competitive and difficult markets, they provide stakeholder alignment. They also provide expedited decision-making, and strategic transaction approaches. This is by offering a thorough grasp of the transition’s ramifications for their client’s businesses. Moreover, their PPA advice services make use of their in-depth negotiation experience. It also uses agile methodology, knowledge of the renewable energy markets, and data-backed recommendations.

Sunnic Lighthouse GmbH (Bronze Sponsor)

Sunnic Lighthouse GmbH, a subsidiary of ENERPARC AG, is a leading specialist in the renewable energy industry. They offer individual services, including direct marketing, power supply, and hedging transactions. This is via power purchase agreements. It is with a focus on green power from German photovoltaic plants and other sustainable power sources. Additionally, as of July 1, 2023, their trading portfolio included green power from around 3,400 megawatts of installed plant capacity.

Statkraft (Bronze Sponsor)

Statkraft is one of the largest producers of renewable energy in Europe. It is also a significant partner in the energy market. They provide industrial clients with a custom solution of green electricity. This is in the form of PPAs and Guarantees of Origin. Furthermore, their solutions cater to each client’s buying preferences, environmental objectives, and more. They also won the Schaeffler Award in the sustainability category in 2023 and the Daimler Supplier Award in 2020. It was in the light of their creative ideation for green electricity.

Solnet Group (Cocktail Networking Sponsor)

With headquarters in the Netherlands, Germany, and Finland, Solnet Group is a solar energy firm. It operates around Europe and was founded in 2014. According to the Financial Times’ FT1000 ranking, the company grew at the 59th-highest rate in Europe in 2020. It also came in third place for energy companies. Throughout Europe, Solnet Group offers a wide range of superior services. It includes project financing, solar panel maintenance, and repair, from design and consultation to installation. Additionally, large investment institutions, merchants, manufacturers, warehouses, and logistics firms are among their varied clientele.


The Net Zero Energy Sourcing And Power Purchase Agreements summit served as an important platform for industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders. They were able to engage in provoking discussions, share insights, and also explore innovative solutions. This is to address the complex challenges of changing towards a sustainable and renewable energy future.

Furthermore, attendees gained a deep understanding of the latest trends and emerging technologies in energy sourcing and PPAs. The summit also highlighted the significance of adopting holistic energy portfolios, mitigating risk exposure, and fostering strategic partnerships with energy providers. If you want to attend such valuable events, make sure you check out all the upcoming events on sustainability.

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