As corporations worldwide set ambitious sustainability goals, the transition to renewable energy is accelerating. To meet emissions reduction targets, companies are increasingly procuring renewable energy through corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs). However, negotiating and managing PPAs requires expertise that many organizations need to gain.

This is where advisors like Act Renewable provide critical guidance on the journey to renewable energy. Furthermore, Act Renewable was established as a joint venture between renewable energy developer BayWa r.e. and the environmental consulting firm RESET Carbon in June 2018. Moreover, their mission is to educate, accelerate, and enable the corporate renewable energy transition. This is by simplifying a complex terrain so businesses can make informed decisions aligned with their sustainability strategies.

With deep expertise across countries and renewable energy sectors, Act Renewable leverages an international team. This is to provide tailored roadmaps that help corporations decarbonize. Moreover, their core values of honesty, responsibility, trust, and diligence underpin the strong relationships they build. It in turn helps to tackle challenges shoulder-to-shoulder with clients.

As experts in assisting multinationals’ transition to renewables, Act Renewable has joined as a Bronze Sponsor for the upcoming Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements summit in Berlin. Furthermore, this sponsorship highlights the tremendous value Act Renewable can provide through its renewable energy advisory services.

In this blog, we will explore Act Renewable’s services, the key topics to be covered at the Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements summit, and how Act Renewable’s participation will benefit attendees seeking to purchase renewables.

Act Renewable’s Specialized Services

Act Renewable helps multinational corporations navigate the intricacies of sourcing renewable energy across global operations. Moreover, their tailored, data-driven approach simplifies this complex process. As a result, clients can meet sustainability goals faster.

So, here are Act Renewable’s key service offerings:

Renewable Energy Strategy Development

Act Renewable assesses clients’ current energy usage, targets, and priorities. They map out a customized renewable energy roadmap. It is aligned with sustainability objectives and business growth plans. Furthermore, scenario analysis and feasibility studies weigh risks, opportunities, and investment requirements. Moreover, stakeholder buy-in and change management ensure smooth execution.

Technology Selection

Act Renewable provides technology overviews assessing costs, supply options, regulations, and maintenance needs in target geographies. Furthermore, their market insights help clients select the right technologies. This is from solar, wind, geothermal, and more based on project scale, location, and other renewable energy requirements.

Regulatory Analysis

Navigating energy regulations across markets is complex. Act Renewable conducts an in-depth analysis of policy frameworks. These are the ones governing renewable energy development, power sales, and green attributes trading in key regions. Moreover, their insights help clients pursue optimal procurement strategies compliant with regulations.

Corporate PPA Procurement & Negotiation

Act Renewable runs end-to-end processes to deliver corporate renewable energy PPAs. Furthermore, it is tailored to clients’ needs. Moreover, services span project feasibility, business case modeling, risk analysis, and partner selection. It also includes RFP/RFI management, contract negotiations, and deal execution.

Onsite Project Development

For companies seeking onsite renewable energy projects, Act Renewable evaluates technical and economic viability. It also handles permits and grid connectivity, manages construction, and helps arrange financing. Moreover, its services ensure successful onsite project execution.

Supply Chain Engagement

Act Renewable helps clients encourage renewable energy uptake within their supply chains. The services include supplier screening and clean energy training. Moreover, the other services are group procurement programs and renewable project facilitation. It helps to drive sustainability across value chains.

With deep hands-on experience delivering large-scale renewable energy solutions globally, Act Renewable provides complete advisory services. It guides clients through the entire process from initial strategy to execution. Moreover, their independent position provides unbiased guidance corporations can trust.

By leveraging Act Renewable’s services, companies can confidently pursue ambitious renewable energy goals. It can also speed up emissions reductions and improve sustainability.

The Transformative Value of the Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements Summit

The Net Zero Energy Sourcing and Power Purchase Agreements summit on 29th February-1st March 2024 in Berlin, Germany offers immense value as a transformative event for energy management leaders. It includes the ones seeking to accelerate their renewable energy procurement.

The Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements summit represents a watershed moment for corporations. It includes especially the ones leveraging renewable energy to meet ambitious sustainability targets. So, by bringing together purpose-driven organizations and exemplary leaders across sectors, the event provides a springboard for the mass renewable energy adoption required to combat climate change.

Specifically, the Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements summit empowers attendees to:

  • Get access to the latest insights from experts in renewable energy. Hear from pioneers in the field through engaging talks and discussions.

  • Join interactive sessions where you can ask questions and participate in workshops. Connect with others in the industry to find solutions to common challenges.

  • Explore global perspectives on regulations, technologies, and partnerships. Understand how renewable energy strategies vary by country and region.

  • Build relationships with leaders in the industry to drive innovation. Collaborate with others to develop new ideas and projects.

  • Use the knowledge gained at the Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements summit to inspire change within your organization. Get support and resources to turn your renewable energy goals into reality.

  • Learn how to turn your commitment to renewable energy into action. Gain the expertise needed to make your plans a success.

The Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements summit represents more than a conference. It is a springboard for organizations to leap into action and lead the renewable energy revolution. Moreover, attendees obtain knowledge, connections, and momentum. This is to transform how corporations source and utilize energy for a sustainable future.

Act Renewable at the Summit: Key Session

As a Bronze Sponsor, Act Renewable will have an extensive presence at the Net Zero Energy Sourcing and Power Purchase Agreements summit.

A major highlight will be an informative session led by Katharina Winter, Head of PPA Advisory Services at Act Renewable.

Titled “How to Conclude a Renewable Energy PPA Most Suitable for Your Business”, this session will provide insider perspectives on:

  • Selecting the optimal PPA models – physical vs. virtual, baseload vs. fixed hourly vs. pay-as-produced

  • Choosing the right counterparties – utility vs. trader vs. independent power producer vs. developer

  • Applying lessons learned from negotiations to maximize outcomes

With the opportunity to share their specialized expertise, Act Renewable can provide immense value to attendees currently weighing complex PPA decisions as they transition to renewable energy.

Attendees will gain practical tips to inform successful PPA strategies. It will be tailored to their organizations’ unique renewable energy goals and risk preferences. 


The Net Zero Energy Sourcing and Power Purchase Agreements summit on 29th February – 1st March 2024 in Berlin, Germany provides an invaluable opportunity for energy professionals. This is to engage with renewables experts like Act Renewable. So, by participating, Act Renewable can help demystify the transition to renewables. As a result, corporations can confidently pursue ambitious sustainability goals. 

Attendees will also gain strategic insights to inform critical energy decisions and accelerate renewable energy procurement. So, let Act Renewable provide the trusted guidance your company needs to embark on the path to a clean energy future.

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