The transition to renewable energy is integral for corporations seeking to reduce their environmental footprint. Moreover, Power purchase agreements (PPAs) have emerged as a popular mechanism for procuring renewable energy. As a major player in this space, Axpo will share valuable insights at the upcoming Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements summit in Berlin. So, let’s look deeper at the sponsor and the event.

About Axpo

Axpo is driven by a purpose to enable a sustainable future through renewable energy solutions. Furthermore, as Switzerland’s largest producer of renewable power, Axpo has extensive capabilities across the clean energy value chain.

The company operates over 100 power plants in Switzerland. It is focused on hydropower, solar, wind, biomass, and nuclear energy. Moreover, with over 6000 employees, Axpo combines technological expertise with innovation to meet evolving customer needs. The company also serves customers across 30 countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

Axpo is not only Switzerland’s biggest hydropower producer but also the largest producer of renewable energy. Furthermore, hydropower accounts for 60% of Switzerland’s electricity production. As a result, it provides reliable, renewable baseload power. Axpo also owns wind farms across Europe and is a leading player in solar energy through its subsidiary Urbasolar.

Axpo’s Energy Solutions

Axpo offers tailored energy products and risk management solutions. It helps corporations procure renewable power. So, their offerings include:

  • Structured power purchase agreements (PPAs) for wind and solar energy
  • Guarantees of origin certifying renewable electricity usage
  • Energy attribute certificates
  • Risk management and hedging services

With over 800 signed PPAs, Axpo is an experienced provider of long-term renewable energy agreements. Furthermore, corporations can benefit from reduced energy market volatility and fixed pricing through PPAs with Axpo.

Drawing from its trading expertise, Axpo offers both physical and financial PPAs. So, physical PPAs can be offsite with third-party generators or onsite using self-owned renewable assets. Additionally, virtual PPAs allow corporations to hedge electricity costs without direct power delivery.

Axpo also provides guarantees of origin. It has audited certification documents validating the usage of renewable energy generation. So, these act as proof of renewable power procurement for sustainability reporting.

Additionally, Axpo offers risk management solutions to complement corporate PPAs. So, their energy trading insights allow customized hedging strategies against residual price or volume risks.

Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements Summit

The Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements Summit will take place in Berlin, Germany from 29 February to 1 March 2024.

The summit provides a platform to discuss renewable energy sourcing strategies and PPAs needed to achieve net zero emissions. Moreover, over two days, attendees can learn from major corporations and energy suppliers about structuring successful PPAs.

Key discussion topics include:

  • Designing optimal renewable energy portfolios
  • Comparing PPA models – physical, virtual, onsite, etc.
  • Navigating policy/regulations impacting PPAs
  • Managing risks with PPAs
  • Partnerships between corporations and energy providers
  • Emerging technologies like renewable hydrogen and storage

The event targets sustainability, procurement, and energy management professionals from large energy consumers across sectors. It includes manufacturing, data centers, transport, and retail.

Renowned organizations like Fazer, Orange, Borealis, ROCKWOOL, and ThyssenKrupp Steel will share case studies on their renewable energy journeys. Furthermore, Axpo will provide insights from the energy supplier perspective.

Attendees stand to gain strategic knowledge on topics like:

  • Assessing which PPA models suit their energy needs
  • Structuring PPAs to manage electricity costs and risks
  • Using self-generation and storage to complement PPAs
  • Building holistic renewable energy portfolios
  • Navigating policy reforms to enable future PPA growth

Networking opportunities allow attendees to share experiences and build partnerships with peers pursuing similar renewable energy goals.

Axpo’s Thought Leadership

As a silver sponsor, Axpo experts will share insights from the company’s deep experience in renewable energy and PPAs throughout the Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements summit:

Keynote Address: Types of Renewable Energy PPAs

Thomas Kott, Head of Portfolio Management at Axpo, will deliver a keynote address in the Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements on selecting the right renewable energy PPAs. So, he will outline key considerations for corporations including:

  • Virtual PPAs – Allow continued use of current electricity provider while financially hedging against market prices. It also requires minimal operational changes.
  • Portfolio PPAs – Contract portions of energy use from multiple renewable projects. Moreover, it provides diversity across locations, technologies, and timings.
  • Block delivery PPAs – Fixed volume of renewable energy delivered at regular intervals, supplementing residual grid power needs. It requires a strong grid connection.
  • Determining the optimal PPA structure based on energy demand patterns, risk appetite, cost expectations, and other factors.

To Sum Up

Axpo’s long-term vision transcends incremental steps – it envisions a future where renewable energy powers the world 24/7. So, this requires continued innovation in how corporations source clean electricity.

The Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements summit on 29th February-1st March 2024 in Berlin, Germany represents a watershed moment. This is to transform renewable energy procurement strategies. So, by participating, organizations can tap into Axpo’s and other sponsor’s purpose-driven perspectives to fundamentally reimagine their energy strategies.

Attendees have the opportunity to gain actionable insights and forge partnerships to make 24/7 renewable power a reality. Moreover, corporations serious about their net zero commitments should seize the chance to be part of these revolutionary conversations in Berlin.

Join the movement towards around-the-clock clean energy. Help write the next chapter of renewable energy sourcing by securing your place at the summit today.

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