The energy landscape is transforming as corporations and governments worldwide push for decarbonization. Renewable energy sources like solar and wind are key pillars of this clean energy transition. However, corporations looking to procure clean power face challenges. So, it includes policy uncertainty, lack of procurement expertise, and more.

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) have emerged as an effective mechanism for corporations. This is to source renewable energy directly from power projects. So, to explore best practices around corporate renewable PPAs, Future Bridge is organizing the Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements summit in Berlin, Germany from February 29 – March 1, 2024. So, let’s go deeper into the event and the sponsor.

Introducing the Bronze Sponsor – Sunnic

The Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power purchase agreements summit has partnered with Sunnic Lighthouse as the Bronze Sponsor. Furthermore, as a leader in renewable energy trading and PPAs, Sunnic brings immense value through its expertise and credibility.

About Sunnic

Sunnic Lighthouse GmbH is a renewable energy trading company based in Hamburg, Germany. Furthermore, it is a subsidiary of ENERPARC AG, one of Europe’s largest operators of utility-scale solar power plants.

Since 2012, Sunnic has been fully focused on supporting the energy transition through renewable energy solutions. Moreover, their key offerings include:

  • Direct marketing of electricity from renewable energy plants
  • Power supply contracts for corporates backed by renewable energy
  • Energy trading via renewable energy power purchase agreements

Sunnic has particular expertise in sourcing green power from solar PV plants in Germany. Furthermore, their renewable energy trading portfolio consists of over 3,400 MW of installed capacity, including:

  • 1,000 MW from wind power plants
  • 2,400 MW from utility-scale solar PV plants
  • With parent company ENERPARC AG’s extensive solar project portfolio, Sunnic is well-positioned to offer both physical and also virtual/financial renewable energy PPAs.

So, now let us move forward and take a deeper look at how they bring value to the Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power purchase agreements event.

How Does Sunnic Bring Value as a Sponsor To The Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements?

As a leader in renewable energy trading and PPAs, Sunnic adds immense value to the summit. So, let us look at a few parameters how:

Extensive Industry Expertise

With over a decade’s experience, Sunnic has a deep understanding of renewable energy markets and the corporate PPA landscape in Germany and Europe. Moreover, they can provide perspective on trends, business models, policy frameworks, regulations, and more.

In-Depth PPA Knowledge

Sunnic has successfully executed several complex renewable energy PPAs across industries like manufacturing, retail, IT, etc. Additionally, they can share lessons learned around PPA structuring,  risk management, pricing models, negotiations, and more.

Strong Network

Through parent ENERPARC AG, Sunnic has relationships with project developers, utilities, corporations, and also other players across the German renewable energy value chain. As a result, this network will be highly valuable for summit attendees exploring PPA opportunities.

Proven Credibility

By executing numerous renewable PPAs over the years, Sunnic has established credibility in the German and European markets. So, their presence as a sponsor of the Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements lends immense value to the summit.

Local Expertise

With headquarters in Hamburg, Sunnic has vast experience navigating Germany’s complex energy regulations and policies. Moreover, they offer localized knowledge and connections highly relevant to the summit.

About the Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements Summit

The Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements summit is a 2-day event organized by Future Bridge in Berlin on February 29 – March 1, 2024. Furthermore, it is expected to attract over 80 delegates spanning large energy buyers, utilities, consultants, project developers, and also other stakeholders.

The key objectives of the summit are:

  • Discuss major trends, business models, and also use cases for corporate renewable PPAs
  • Share best practices on PPA structuring, risk management, pricing, negotiations, etc.
  • Explore emerging PPA-related topics like hydrogen PPAs, aggregated PPAs, heat PPAs, etc.
  • Enable networking between corporate renewable energy buyers and sellers
  • Provide corporates with practical insights on kickstarting their renewable PPA journeys
Target Audience

The summit is targeted at senior management and decision-makers. So, it includes professionals involved in energy sourcing, procurement, and sustainability initiatives from large corporations across diverse industries.

It will provide maximum value for roles like:

  • Chief Sustainability Officers
  • Heads of Renewable Energy Sourcing
  • Energy and Sustainability Managers
  • Global Procurement Heads
  • Energy Managers for Data Centers/Manufacturing Units
  • Utility Managers

So, it will also be highly relevant for renewable energy companies looking to enable corporate sourcing through offerings like PPAs, onsite solar, etc.

Notable Sessions 

The summit will feature insightful sessions delivered by experts spanning corporates, developers, consultants, etc. So, here are some key highlights:

Corporate PPA Fundamentals

Introductory sessions will cover PPA basics including structures, risk management, pricing mechanisms, negotiations, and more. As a result, this will help new corporates better understand PPAs.

Emerging Trends

Sessions by experts from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the University of Twente, and others will explore emerging trends. It includes hydrogen PPAs, aggregated PPAs, heat PPAs, etc.

Green Portfolios

Learnings on building holistic green energy portfolios for corporates using PPAs, green tariffs, onsite power, and more.

Case Studies

Real-world PPA case studies across industries like manufacturing, IT, retail, pharma, etc. will provide corporates with practical insights.

Vendor Connect

Dedicated sessions for corporates to connect with solution providers. So, it includes renewable energy developers, consultants, carbon offsetters, etc.


Focused networking opportunities between renewable energy buyers and sellers.

Noteworthy Speakers

The event will feature speakers from prominent organizations like Borealis, Orange, Iron Mountain, Knauf, and more.


The Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements Summit in Berlin, Germany from February 29 – March 1, 2024, with Sunnic as the Bronze Sponsor, promises to be the premier renewable energy event in Europe in 2024 for corporates looking to directly source clean power.

Attendees will come away with an in-depth understanding of renewable PPAs, invaluable peer learnings, and relationships with energy suppliers. Moreover, they will be well-equipped to kickstart or accelerate their renewable energy procurement journeys.

So, with its strong focus on practical knowledge sharing, the latest trends, and networking, this summit is a must-attend event for any corporation looking to meet aggressive renewable energy and also decarbonization goals.

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