The transition to renewable energy is accelerating globally. It is driven by ambitious climate goals, falling technology costs, and rising demand. Furthermore, corporations are at the forefront of this shift. They are increasingly procuring renewables through power purchase agreements (PPAs). It helps to reduce emissions, lowers energy costs, and also meets sustainability commitments.

In this context, Future Bridge is organizing the Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements summit. It will be held on February 29-March 1, 2024 in Berlin, Germany. Furthermore, the event will bring together leading corporates, utilities, developers, advisors, and other stakeholders together. They will discuss trends, strategies, and best practices around renewable PPAs and energy procurement. 

Statkraft, a leading renewable energy company, has joined as a Bronze Sponsor for this timely summit. So, as Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy and a global leader in energy management and trading, Statkraft brings extensive experience and expertise around corporate PPAs and enabling the renewable transition. Moreover, their sponsorship highlights immense value creation opportunities for attendees through dialogues and partnerships facilitated by events like Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements.

About Statkraft

Statkraft is a Norwegian state-owned utility founded in 1895. It has grown to become one of Europe’s largest producers and traders of renewable energy. Furthermore, the company operates over 1600 plants across 20 countries. Moreover, it generated over 60 TWh of renewable power in 2022 alone. So, Statkraft’s generation mix is 97% renewable, comprising mainly hydropower along with wind, solar, biomass, and gas.

In addition to owning and operating assets, Statkraft is active in energy trading and origination. This is across Europe, South America, and Asia. Furthermore, the company trades renewable energy, fuels, and carbon credits. As a result, it provides bespoke energy solutions to businesses and industrial customers. Moreover, Statkraft is recognized as a leading provider of corporate renewable PPAs. It offers customized structures tailored to clients’ needs. 

Statkraft’s mission is to “renew the way the world is powered”. It also aims to enable the global transition to renewable energy. So, sustainability is core to its approach, guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, the company aims to grow profitably in renewable energy while ensuring its business practices are ethical and responsible.

How Attendees Will Benefit from Statkraft?

The Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements summit provides fertile ground for mutually beneficial dialogues. This is between Statkraft and attendees looking to procure renewables. 

As a Bronze Sponsor, Statkraft will share insights. These will empower organizations to craft optimal renewable energy strategies. These strategies will be aligned with their sustainability objectives and risk appetite. So, attendees can gain perspective on balancing cost, reliability, flexibility, and scalability. It will be helpful when evaluating clean power procurement options.

Representatives from Statkraft will also highlight innovations and emerging models. These can also expand procurement possibilities for corporate buyers. So, attendees can discover new approaches to purchasing renewables. It includes aggregated PPAs, that meet unique needs.

Furthermore, Statkraft will offer best practices around renewable PPA risk management. It will also be informed by their deep project experience across technologies and countries. So, organizations attending the summit will take away strategies to mitigate risks. This is around pricing, volume, operations, and contract terms that commonly arise when executing PPAs.

Attendees across the value chain will benefit from Statkraft’s on-the-ground knowledge. This is of European power markets and regulations influencing procurement strategies. Moreover, as regulations and infrastructure evolve, organizations can learn how to adapt strategies for accessing clean power in alignment with policy frameworks.

By fostering dialogues between Statkraft’s renewable energy experts and summit attendees, the event facilitates mutually beneficial knowledge sharing and relationship building. Furthermore, organizations gain insights that help craft strategic, future-proof clean energy strategies. This is while Statkraft expands connections with stakeholders.

Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements

The Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements summit will explore several pertinent topics around renewable procurement. This is where Statkraft can contribute its expertise to help attendees make informed procurement decisions. The summit expects over 80 attendees comprised of:

  • Large energy buyers: Manufacturers, industrial facilities, data centers, retailers, logistics firms, etc. seeking to procure clean power.
  • Utilities and traders: Providers of renewable energy, PPAs, and energy management services looking to connect with buyers.
  • Developers: Companies that originate, build, and operate renewable assets that can partner on projects.
  • Advisors: Consultants, brokers, lawyers, and accountants that support corporate buyers in negotiating and executing PPAs. 
  • Industry associations and nonprofits are interested in advancing renewable PPAs through engagement.
  • Policymakers and regulators involved in power markets and procurement frameworks.
  • Technical experts: Energy managers, sustainability heads, and procurement leads representing their organizations.

This diverse attendee profile represents key stakeholders across the corporate renewable PPA value chain whom Statkraft can engage to share knowledge and forge partnerships. Additionally, the summit fosters an environment for renewable energy buyers and facilitators to explore ideas together.

Conference Agenda 

The two-day Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements agenda features insightful sessions. These will be delivered by experts across the renewable energy landscape.

Day 1 focuses on holistic renewable energy sourcing strategies, with sessions on topics like:

  • Assessing different energy portfolio models and procurement options
  • PPAs vs EACs: Comparing price structures, challenges and how to choose the best option
  • Determining the most suitable onsite renewable energy solutions
  • Renewable energy sourcing under public scrutiny: Challenges and lessons from the public transport sector
  • Partnerships with energy providers and PPA sourcing
  • The impact of global geopolitical events on renewable energy procurement

Day 2 covers key considerations around PPA transactions, including:

  • Renewable Energy PPAs and their impact on risk exposure
  • Innovative technologies to minimize risk exposure
  • Examining different types of renewable energy PPA structures/models
  • Strategies for hedging price risk and mitigating price volatility
  • The role of hydrogen in a sustainable future
  • Best practice strategies around carbon offsets and credits

Across these topics, attendees will gain strategic insights. This is to inform their renewable energy procurement strategies. Moreover, the agenda facilitates vital dialogues between buyers, advisors, and providers like Statkraft to accelerate the transition to a renewable-powered future.


The transition to a net zero economy powered by renewable energy is a defining challenge of the 21st century. Moreover, corporations are recognizing renewable PPAs as a key strategy. This is to procure clean power, reduce emissions, and meet their sustainability goals.

As a leader in renewable energy generation and procurement, Statkraft brings valuable expertise to help organizations access more renewable power. By sponsoring the Net Zero Energy Sourcing & Power Purchase Agreements summit, Statkraft demonstrates its commitment to driving forward the changes that will renew the way the world is powered. So, make sure you attend the summit and make the most of the revolution!

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