The data centre industry stands on the brink of a sustainability revolution. With energy consumption spiraling upwards, operators face mounting pressure. It comes from governments, investors, and the public to dramatically curb emissions. So, the race is on to find solutions that reconcile our insatiable demand for data. It comes with the urgent need to protect the planet. Events like the Net Zero Data Centre Summit represent beacons of hope. It brings together visionaries and innovators to chart the course to a cleaner digital future. Furthermore, ANS Global is proud to lend its expertise as a Bronze Sponsor of this pioneering summit. In this article, let us know more about our sponsor and the event.

ANS Global’s Expertise Fuels Sustainability 

ANS Global brings over 20 years of experience. It provides specialized sustainability solutions to help clients reshape operations for a net zero future. 

Companies worldwide trust ANS Global’s expertise in leveraging living infrastructure. This is to drive energy efficiency. ANS Global’s living walls and green roofs deliver natural insulation. These reduce heating and cooling requirements in buildings. Studies show incorporating vegetation into architectural designs also enhances sustainability by:

  • Improving air quality by filtering pollutants
  • Absorbing and sequestering carbon emissions
  • Enhancing stormwater management through rainfall capture 
  • Lowering urban heat island effects

Furthermore, ANS Global develops and integrates optimal renewable energy systems. It ranges from large-scale solar and wind installations to rooftop solar panels. Additionally, beyond emissions reduction, these technologies deliver ancillary benefits. These benefits are related to biodiversity, biophilia, and also resilience. 

With this proven track record of enabling sustainability across sectors, ANS Global is an ideal partner for data centre operators. It includes the ones seeking to embrace energy efficiency and also renewables on the journey to net zero. 

Furthermore, ANS Global’s solutions represent key tools in the data centre sustainability toolkit that can drive real progress on ambitious environmental goals. So, as a Bronze Sponsor, ANS Global makes the Net Zero Data Centre Summit more impactful. This is by contributing diverse expertise and also perspectives:

  • Cross-Industry Network: ANS Global’s expansive relationships across sectors facilitate participant diversity. Moreover, Cross-pollinating ideas spark creative sustainability solutions.

  • Client Success Stories: By detailing real-world examples of successful client implementations, ANS Global grounds the summit in tangible sustainability solutions.

  • Independent Industry Voice: As a vendor serving many operators, ANS Global provides an objective. It also provides a balanced view of the viability of different net zero strategies and technologies.

  • Fostering Key Conversations: ANS Global representatives participate in sessions and panels. So, it stimulates discussions on obstacles and pathways to progress.

  • Illuminating Hidden Challenges: Drawing on project experience, ANS Global highlights complex subtleties and pitfalls related to data centre sustainability.

  • Championing Underserved Topics: ANS Global ensures overlooked but crucial topics. It includes biodiversity conservation. Furthermore, it receives airtime through presentations and materials.

  • Rallying Collective Action: ANS Global underscores that achieving net zero requires coordination across the data centre ecosystem and also emphasizes how summits facilitate this.

By contributing these diverse benefits as a sponsor, ANS Global enriches the summit as a fertile ground. So, it is a ground where innovative sustainability solutions can take root and grow.

The Net Zero Data Centre Summit

The Net Zero Data Centre Summit, taking place on February 1-2, 2024 in Berlin, Germany, brings together leading organizations and experts. This is at the vanguard of data centre sustainability. 

Over two days, the summit convenes an engaged community passionate about accelerating the data centre industry’s transition to net zero emissions. Furthermore, attendees will delve into the pressing topics shaping the sector:

  • Energy Efficiency – Exploring innovative facility designs, energy management systems, and hardware to radically improve efficiency
  • Cooling – Finding sustainable cooling solutions tailored to specific facility needs and locations  
  • Renewable Energy – Strategies to procure clean power and integrate on-site generation like solar 
  • Waste Heat – New approaches to reuse server heat, such as integration with district systems
  • Edge Computing – How distributed edge data centres enable efficiency and renewable energy adoption
  • AI-Enabled Facilities – Leveraging AI and ML to dynamically optimize data centre operations 
  • Regulations – Ensuring policies and standards align with net zero roadmaps

Through keynotes and sessions, attendees will learn from organizations leading the charge to net zero like AWS, Green Mountain, Digital Realty, QTS, and more. Speakers will share replicable tactics and solutions. Moreover, it will accelerate sustainability initiatives at data centres worldwide. 

The Net Zero Data Centre Summit fosters an environment of inspiration and partnership. Participants will:

  • Return to their organizations energized and empowered with practical strategies. These are strategies to improve efficiency, adopt renewables, and also reduce costs and emissions on the path to net zero.

  • Forge valuable connections with leading data centre sustainability experts across the industry. It will also help to build a community that shares knowledge and propels progress. 

  • Help shape the future of sustainable digital infrastructure critical to reconciling our data-intensive digital lives with the urgent priority of environmental protection.

Seize the Opportunity in Berlin

With the data centre industry at a crossroads, events like the Net Zero Data Centre Summit represent crucibles for innovation. This is where sustainability leaders imagine and create the sector’s clean future.

Join ANS Global and data centre stakeholders from across the industry at the Net Zero Data Centre Summit in Berlin, Germany on 1-2nd February 2024. Explore solutions, exchange ideas, spark breakthroughs, and forge partnerships. It will lead to the transition to net zero data centres. So, do not miss this opportunity to be part of the conversation that will forge the sustainable data centres of tomorrow!

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