Data centres have become essential digital infrastructures today. The reason stands to be the meteoric rise of data usage and cloud computing worldwide. However, their massive energy appetites and greenhouse gas emissions raise critical sustainability issues. As key stakeholders collectively target net zero emissions, events like February’s Net Zero Data Centre Summit in Berlin emerge as strategic platforms. It helps to align the industry with innovative solutions.

VID Firekill, a world-leading watermist fire protection pioneer, joins the summit as a Bronze Sponsor. This is to showcase its environmentally progressive technologies for data centres. So, let’s take a deeper dive into VID Firekill’s offerings and the summit’s extensive agenda. It will be extremely helpful for collaboratively achieving net zero goals.

VID Firekill Pioneers Cutting-Edge, Sustainable Fire Suppression Innovation

Founded in Denmark, the company spearheaded the use of revolutionary watermist technology for fire suppression. Compared to conventional sprinkler systems, watermist radically optimizes water usage. This is while remaining extremely effective and reliable. As a result, this makes it an ideal sustainable solution for modern data centres.

Disruptive Low-Pressure Watermist Systems

VID Firekill focuses exclusively on developing low-pressure watermist. It uniquely combines the unmatched reliability of traditional sprinkler technology with the superior efficiency of high-pressure watermist.

The reduced pipe diameters and water supply requirements with low-pressure watermist also substantially reduce raw material usage. This is when compared to traditional sprinkler systems.

The company has specially engineered its watermist nozzles. It effectively distributes micro-droplets. These absorb heat and displace oxygen to suppress fires. So, with water usage up to 90% less than standard sprinklers, VID Firekill’s watermist minimizes water damage risks. It also minimizes contamination hazards and corrosion within data centres.

VID Firekill’s innovative watermist components undergo rigorous testing. It is done by ISO-accredited laboratories like FM Approvals. It helps to achieve major international certifications. The company also actively advances watermist standards and approval processes. This is by collaborating with regulators like NFPA, CEN, IMO, and VdS. Moreover, this ensures its technologies remain at the cutting edge while upholding the highest levels of quality and reliability.

Innovative Fire Protection Systems Purpose-Built for Data Centres

The organization has engineered its UL-listed watermist systems specifically. It protects sensitive data centre environments without discharging excessive water. So, this includes specialized protection for server racks and telecom rooms. It also includes protection from diesel generators, battery storage areas, electrical transformers, and other critical infrastructure.

VID Firekill’s watermist solutions suppress fires. It uses a fraction of the water compared to sprinklers. As a result, it avoids electrical hazards and corrosion that come with excessive water. Furthermore, the company’s systems have secured major international approvals. It includes FM, UL, CNPP, and VdS for unparalleled quality and reliability.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality, Safety, and Sustainability

Beyond operating an ISO 9001-certified quality management system, VID Firekill aims to reduce total fire system ownership costs for clients. This is while never compromising safety and performance.

It views designing and delivering sustainably focused watermist solutions as an obligation. It is to protect human lives, property, and the environment. Additionally, the company relentlessly strives to continuously enhance its product quality. It also strives for better reliability and robustness through ongoing research and development.

The Net Zero Data Centre Summit Convenes Industry Leaders on Sustainability

The Net Zero Data Centre Summit delivers a focused platform to strategically unite data centre stakeholders. This is across the entire ecosystem on innovative technologies and strategies. It will help to maximize operational efficiency, minimize emissions, and chart a course to net zero environmental impact.

Net Zero Data Centre Summit Overview

Organized by the experts at Future Bridge, this highly focused two-day summit takes place February 1-2, 2024 in Berlin, Germany. It is projected to attract hundreds of professionals. They are the ones with responsibilities across data centre planning, design, construction, operations, and technology innovation.

The location for the Net Zero Data Centre Summit in Germany provides convenient proximity to its booming domestic data centre industry. Moreover, it has recently seen promising new sustainability initiatives like the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact emerge.

Net Zero Data Centre Summit: Key Themes and Topics

An information-packed agenda has been developed through keynotes, panel discussions, and presentations from distinguished industry experts. Moreover, pivotal topics include:

  • Data centre energy optimization strategies
  • Energy-efficient cooling innovations and waste heat management solutions
  • Integrating renewable energy supplies and energy storage
  • Achieving ambitious net zero emissions goals
  • Preparing for emerging regulations and reporting frameworks
  • Leveraging AI to amplify efficiency improvements
  • Carbon accounting best practices
  • Sustainable data centre location planning
Net Zero Data Centre Summit: Focus on Cross-Industry Collaboration

The summit focuses intently on enabling impactful cross-industry and cross-border collaboration. It will help to accelerate sustainability progress. Moreover, delegates can connect with fellow data centre owners/operators and technology innovators. You can also find infrastructure providers, policymakers, sustainability consultants, and other professionals across the data centre ecosystem at the summit.

Diverse global perspectives lead to powerful knowledge sharing and spark innovative solutions. Moreover, attendees gain invaluable insider access. This is to the latest technologies while collaborating to influence the roadmap to net zero for the broader industry.

Join the Net Zero Dialogue in Berlin this February 2024

Stakeholders across the digital infrastructure ecosystem now face a defining choice. They have to collectively step up to meet sustainability challenges head-on, or risk exclusion from a rapidly decarbonizing world.

Events like this summit represent prime opportunities to set aside competition and align on shared solutions. The time for action is now. Forward-thinking organizations recognize that no one company can shift an entire industry alone. Moreover, cross-border and cross-industry collaboration is vital to the acceleration of sustainability progress.

By participating in the Net Zero Data Centre Summit this February 1-2, 2024 in Berlin, stakeholders can help set the course for a net zero future. This is while improving their organization’s competitiveness. So, make sure you register today!

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