With climate change accelerating, data centers find themselves in the crosshairs. Representing massive and growing energy loads, pressure mounts for these critical IT infrastructure hubs. It is the pressure to curb their emissions profile. But the path to net zero remains unclear for many operators. Moreover, progress depends on collaboration with others navigating the same challenges. The 2024 Net Zero Data Centre Summit in Berlin on 1-2 February presents a prime opportunity.

This is ideal for sustainability trailblazers across the data centre ecosystem to converge. Furthermore, attendees have two full days of sessions, panels, and networking events to connect with those leading the charge. They can share innovations, forge partnerships, and formulate roadmaps to reshape data centers for a low-carbon future. So, let’s know more about the networking opportunities at the 2024 Net Zero Data Centre Summit.

Thought Leaders Spearheading the Sustainability Charge

The 2024 Net Zero Data Centre Summit speaker faculty features recognized innovators and experts. They stand at the forefront of enabling sustainable data centres. Additionally, attendees can engage these influential sustainability champions during sessions and panels. They can also arrange meetings to discuss partnerships and initiatives owing to the networking opportunities at the summit

Lex Coors, Digital Realty’s Chief Datacentre Technology & Engineering Officer, chairs the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact’s Energy Efficiency Working Group. With over 25 years experience designing versatile, efficient data centres, Lex has pioneered approaches like modular data centre architectures. Moreover, attendees can gain insights into optimizing data centre sustainability.

As Lead Data Centre Architect at AQ Compute, Jaime Comella Gómez-Aller focuses on developing highly sustainable data centre infrastructures. He also co-leads the Open Compute Project’s Heat Reuse sub-project and serves on ASHRAE Spain’s data centre committee. So, you can tap Jaime regarding innovations in data centre cooling, heat reuse, and decentralized efficient designs.  

More experts at the 2024 Net Zero Data Centre Summit

You will also find the following experts in the 2024 Net Zero Data Centre Summit leading to immense networking opportunities at the summit for you:

Vantage Data centre’s VP of Design & Engineering APAC Donna Bridgman leads sustainability and innovation initiatives across the Asia-Pacific region. Moreover, she has spearheaded energy efficiency drives for large enterprises. She has also guided digital transformation covering diverse cultures. So, discuss your APAC sustainability roadmaps and localization challenges with her.

Svein Atle Hagaseth heads Green Mountain, Norway’s leading sustainable colocation provider, as its CEO. With over 20 years of experience across IT and telecoms, he now helms Green Mountain’s journey. This is toward building cutting-edge sustainable data centres. As a result, learn from Svein’s experiences in optimizing data centre sustainability.

As CyrusOne’s Data centre Development Manager, Amparo Garcia Puente manages the design and construction of the company’s Madrid facility. With skills spanning project management, multi-language fluency, and sustainability alignment, she is critical to actualizing CyrusOne’s sustainable digital future. So, explore collaborations with Amparo on optimized data centre design and build.

Make sure you connect with these forward-thinking individuals. This is to explore partnerships, influence industry sustainability roadmaps, and also garner insights. It will help to shape your net-zero strategy.

Operators at the Cutting Edge of Energy Efficiency 

While the speaker list brims with innovators driving sustainability, the 2024 Net Zero Data Centre Summit attracts pioneering data centre operators. Attendees can network with executives and engineers from organizations at the leading edge of adopting efficiency best practices.

Tobias Kederer leads energy efficiency and cloud migration programs for AWS’s EMEA customers as Head of Sustainability and Migration. Furthermore, he partners with enterprises transitioning to the cloud, using cloud capabilities. This is to accelerate their sustainability. So, you can discuss how migrating operations to the AWS cloud can bolster your sustainability credentials.  

David Hall shapes core colocation offerings as AtlasEdge’s SVP Colocation. It includes its unique sustainable edge data centre design. So, with over 15 years of experience across geographies, he focuses on edge infrastructure and evolution. As a result, you should explore David’s perspectives on optimal edge locations and innovations and, the role of AI in edge data centre modules.

Iron Mountain Data centre’s Director of Energy & Sustainability Chris Pennington is tasked with enabling its goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2030. Furthermore, he has spearheaded the procurement of renewable energy and is investigating long-duration storage solutions. So, learn best practices from Chris with his 25+ years of experience in energy management for peak sustainability impact.

German Datacentre Association Chairwoman Anna Klaft works with Rittal leading its global IT and data centre solutions. She is an influential voice across Germany and Europe advocating energy-efficient, sustainable data centres and also environmental responsibility. So, discuss Germany’s sustainability regulatory landscape and local partnership opportunities.

Green Energy & Sustainability Solution Experts at the 2024 Net Zero Data Centre Summit

While engaging data centre leaders offer obvious value, connecting with solution providers powering the sector’s sustainability transition is equally critical. Experts in renewable energy integration, battery storage, energy optimization software, and emissions reduction enable organizations to improve environmental performance tangibly.

The 2024 Net Zero Data Centre Summit features experts like:

  • Friederike Steddin, Project Manager at German Corporate Initiative DENEFF representing 130+ members across the German energy value chain to improve efficiency.  

  • Luke Davies heads strategy for GlobalConnect, a sustainable colocation provider using 100% renewable energy.

  • Paolo Bertoldi, Senior Expert for Energy Efficiency at the European Commission helped author the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centre Energy Efficiency.

  • Chris Pennington, Director of Energy & Sustainability at Hyperscaler Iron Mountain Data centres.

Use the networking sessions to connect with these solution providers. Moreover, explore their offerings aligned to your requirements. Also, position your organization as an ideal customer for piloting innovations. Partner in furthering sustainability best practices and standards across regions. The 2024 Net Zero Data Centre Summit represents a melting pot for cutting-edge solutions seeking problems to solve.

Localized Expert Connections

While the speaker list has broad European representation, German sustainability experts offer localized insights into the regulatory landscape. So, networking at the net zero summit with these local contacts better positions global organizations. This is to navigate Germany/EU’s policy ecosystem and partner with regional authorities driving the clean energy transition.

Interact with these insiders to expand professional networks in Germany’s sustainability ecosystem. Moreover, explore potential collaborations on pilot projects with local municipalities or utilities. Also, analyze Germany’s policy directions to prepare expansion plans. Additionally, discuss localization best practices for new market entry. You can also unearth opportunities to participate in Germany’s energiewende movement. This is through technologies or services that ease the low-carbon transition.

Thought Leadership Platform for Sponsoring Organizations

Sponsors of the 2024 Net Zero Data Centre Summit include prominent brands seeking to raise sustainability credentials in the European data centre industry. The event offers a powerful platform for these organizations. This is to engage decision-makers, demonstrate expertise, and convey thought leadership.

Gold sponsor Schneider Electric helps data centre operators improve efficiency and resilience while lowering environmental impact. So, attendees can explore offerings tailored for their facilities from Schneider’s integrated data centre solutions portfolio spanning racks, power, cooling, and also software. Furthermore, Schneider executives will share insights guiding the company’s sustainability vision and roadmap for net zero data centres.  

The 2024 Net Zero Data Centre Summit serves as a platform for interaction among sponsor staff experts and attendees. Sales engineers can explain how their solutions work to data center leaders. Strategists can share success stories about being eco-friendly with sustainability officers and engineers. Executives can talk to important decision-makers to show that their company is good for making the world more eco-friendly.

Sponsors get a lot of attention at the 2024 Net Zero Data Centre Summit. They can show their products and ideas to customers, potential customers, and important people. There are special events, like demos and dinners, where sponsors can talk about their solutions in a more personal way over food and drinks.

Whether you’re coming to the summit as a guest or a sponsor in 2024, there are many chances to meet important people. If you use these opportunities well, you can find partners, learn important things, and make your company more visible in the push for sustainability. So, don’t forget to sign up today, and don’t forget your business cards for networking at the net zero summit!