With the pressing threat of climate change, energy companies worldwide are accelerating efforts. There are crucial efforts to reduce carbon emissions and transition to clean energy. The upcoming net zero energy production summit in Amsterdam aims to unite key players. They are key in shaping the oil and gas industry’s path to sustainability.  

As a Gold Sponsor, AI analytics provider Tenderd has joined the summit. They signify how its intelligent optimization platforms can equip firms to significantly cut emissions while improving efficiency.

The Imperative of Decarbonizing Oil and Gas

The oil and gas sector is responsible for a sizable portion of global greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions are major players that are driving climate change. Energy companies have a crucial role to play in curbing emissions. This is with scientific consensus urging rapid decarbonization across industries.

Leaders across the industry are pursuing sustainability measures. It includes renewable energy adoption, electrification of assets, and new technologies for emission reduction. However, the pace and also scale of change required make this transition an enormous challenge. 

Events like the net zero energy production summit offer a platform to align key stakeholders. These are the ones from across the energy value chain to collaborate on tangible solutions. Moreover, as a pioneer in leveraging artificial intelligence to optimize energy usage, Tenderd is well-positioned to showcase technology-driven approaches. It enables emission cuts alongside economic viability.

Overview of net zero energy production Summit

The upcoming Global Summit on net zero energy production is a major two-day conference. It is organized by Future Bridge Events. Moreover, it gathers over 100 policymakers, executives, investors, and innovators. So, scheduled for January 30-31, 2024 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this summit provides an exclusive platform. This is to discuss shaping the oil and gas sector’s transition to net zero emissions.

With the theme “Shaping the Future of Oil & Gas,” the net zero energy production event will drive dialogues and potential breakthroughs. These will be on decarbonization strategies across the production process. So, the session topics span:

  • reducing on-site emissions, 
  • carbon data measurement and management, 
  • future of upstream, 
  • reduction of methane emissions, 
  • technology-driven sustainability, 
  • electrification of assets, 
  • renewable energy integration, 
  • operationalizing sustainability, 
  • decarbonization of downstream facilities and more.

This summit comes at a pivotal juncture, as countries work towards their net zero emissions targets. For the oil and gas industry facing rising climate pressures, the event represents an opportunity. So, it is an opportunity to explore viable paths that balance sustainability aims with commercial feasibility.

About Tenderd – Gold sponsor

As a Gold Sponsor of the net zero energy production summit, Tenderd will demonstrate its capabilities to help energy companies. This is in utilizing data, AI, and analytics to reduce their carbon footprint at scale while enhancing productivity.

Harnessing the Power of Data

Tenderd was founded in 2018. They are built on the vision of leveraging big data and artificial intelligence to optimize efficiency across industries. Furthermore, headquartered in the UAE, the company has rapidly emerged as a leader in intelligent analytics solutions for the energy sector.

The startup’s founding team identified the massive potential of applying technologies. It includes machine learning, IoT, and also data science. It unlocks operational insights from equipment data. Moreover, energy companies have a vast amount of telemetry data being generated but lack ways to systematically analyze it.

Tenderd delivers accurate visibility into usage patterns, condition monitoring, and performance optimization opportunities. This is by gathering granular real-time data and applying self-learning algorithms. Furthermore, their integrated hardware-agnostic platform provides recommendations. So, it helps to maximize utilization rates, minimize fuel consumption, reduce downtime, and also enhance sustainability.

Tailored for the Energy Transition 

While Tenderd serves clients globally across construction, logistics, and other industries, the company has specially tailored offerings for oil/gas firms to enable emission reductions:

  • Precision tracking of carbon emissions across the value chain. It collects real-time data related to fuel, electricity use, and equipment loads. As a result, this allows accurate quantification and monitoring of carbon footprint.

  • Actionable insight on reducing energy consumption. It happens through analytics on different parameters. It includes equipment efficiency, fuel wastage, predictive maintenance needs, etc., and also suggestions to improve.

  • Seamlessly integrating renewable energy through forecasting. It also happens through intelligent scheduling of solar/wind energy supply to assets, and optimizing usage.

  • Simulating various emission reduction scenarios by creating digital twins and models. It is to identify optimal approaches aligned with cost and also operational needs.

  • Monitoring sustainability KPIs in real-time with custom dashboards. Moreover, the ability to showcase progress transparently for ESG reporting.

  • Uncovering new opportunities to employ green hydrogen and other technologies. This is by analyzing operational data for use cases.

This allows organizations to make data-driven decisions. It is on reducing their environmental impact while maximizing productivity and also asset utilization.

Proven Results in Enabling Sustainability 

By revealing deep operational insights from data analytics, Tenderd has delivered immense value to clients including measurable sustainability benefits:

  • Helped a national construction firm improve fleet utilization by 20%. As a result, it reduces carbon emissions and costs.

  • Worked with a major oil company to reduce emissions by 38%. This is across their largest projects through operational optimization.

  • Partnered with a global port operator to minimize idling and waiting times for ships and trucks. As a result, cutting massive fuel wastage and emissions.

  • Enabled an LNG production company to prevent unplanned outages and optimize production schedules. As a result, it reduced flaring incidents by 52% in a year. 

  • Supported a wind energy producer in reducing turbine downtime. This is by leveraging condition monitoring and also boosting clean power generation.

So, these results highlight Tenderd’s expertise in leveraging data, AI, and analytics. So, it is to enact positive environmental impact alongside financial gains.


The net zero energy production summit brings together the energy industry’s most influential stakeholders to chart a sustainable future. As a Gold Sponsor, Tenderd exemplifies technology companies. Furthermore, it equips the sector with data-driven solutions to enact real progress on decarbonization, while driving productivity.

Tenderd is primed to help energy companies reach net zero goals. This is with analytical capabilities to optimize energy usage, quantify emissions, integrate renewables at scale, and enhance operational efficiency. Moreover, the net zero energy production summit offers the ideal launchpad for Tenderd in cementing its leadership in enabling the clean energy transition. So, to know more about the event head over to netzero-events.com. Make sure you do not miss the opportunity!

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