Climate concerns are rising every day and data centres have the potential to drive sustainability. The only elements needed are energy efficiency and renewable energy adoption. However, to make it happen, industry collaboration stands to be crucial. The net zero data centre summit is the right place to ignite this collaboration. Schneider Electric as a leader in providing critical data centre infrastructure has joined us at this summit. Furthermore, they have demonstrated their commitment to the sustainability cause by becoming a gold sponsor of the event. 

Why data centres must prioritize sustainability?

Data centres have become essential infrastructure powering the digital economy. However, their massive energy usage and emissions also pose sustainability challenges.

Substantial electricity usage 

Data centres currently account for nearly 240-340 TWh of electricity consumption per year globally. It stands to be more than many mid-sized countries. So, this could rise to thousands of TWh over the next decade with increasing digitization.

Major carbon emissions 

Data centre electricity usage emits nearly 900 million tonnes of CO2 annually currently. So, without intervention, emissions could balloon with rising data center demand.

Increasing extreme weather threats 

Data centres face growing risks from floods, heatwaves, and more by climate change. As a result, sustainability helps increase resilience.

Regulatory pressure 

Governments and industry groups are imposing sustainability regulations. It includes emissions reporting, energy efficiency mandates, and renewable energy requirements. So, non-compliance threatens data center operations.

Reputational Risks 

Environmentally negligent data centers face backlash from climate-conscious customers and investors. As a result, sustainability is vital for maintaining trust.

Moral Obligation 

As major energy consumers, data centers must recognize their social responsibility. Moreover, they should prevent outsized climate impact.

Long-Term Viability

Renewable energy procurement, energy efficiency gains, and emission reductions future-proof data centers. This is for the coming decades as sustainability becomes non-negotiable.

Schneider Electric’s expertise in data centre sustainability

Schneider Electric is well-positioned to guide data centres on the sustainability journey. They have decades of providing critical power, cooling, and software solutions. Moreover, their comprehensive programs aim to minimize environmental impact. It is across energy management, industrial automation, and data center solutions. Additionally, Schneider Electric is working towards net-zero emissions by 2050. In data centres, Schneider Electric helps customers enable sustainability through:

Highly efficient infrastructure 

Innovative power, cooling, and rack systems reduce energy waste. It is significantly more compared to legacy technologies.

Renewable energy integration 

Solutions optimized to integrate solar, wind, and also other renewable energy sources seamlessly.

Resilient operations 

Withstand power disruptions through microgrids and prevent data loss and downtime.

EcoStruxure architecture 

Interoperable, data-driven architecture for managing connected infrastructure efficiently.

Sustainability consulting

Experts help define net zero roadmaps, optimize IT, purchase clean energy, track emissions, and more.

Schneider Electric stays ahead of customer needs. They focus on their Data Centers of the Future vision. So, this guides the development of innovative solutions. It is in areas like predictive maintenance, edge computing, renewable integration, and electric vehicles. As a result, it continuously improves sustainability.

Schneider Electric provides an integrated approach to data centre management. It is with their interoperable hardware, software, and services portfolio. So, this allows customers to seamlessly adopt the solutions required. Moreover, it helps to optimize efficiency, comply with regulations, drive sustainability, and enhance resilience.

Schneider Electric’s dedication has earned them recognition on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices. They have also been recognized as climate champions for the 12th consecutive year by CDP A-list 2022.

Why data centre leaders must attend the net zero summit?

The net zero data centre summit offers unmatched learning and networking. Furthermore, it is aimed at data centre infrastructure leaders looking to improve sustainability:

Strategic insights from experts 

Over 20 presentations will cover energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy. They will also cover sustainability metrics, reporting frameworks, regulations, and more.

See Innovations in action 

As a gold sponsor, Schneider Electric will showcase cutting-edge solutions. As a result, they will help enable sustainable data centres.

Network with industry peers 

With 100+ expected participants, the summit fosters partnerships. This is among data centre infrastructure decision-makers to achieve climate neutrality.

Learn sustainability best practices 

Leaders will share real-world examples, goals, metrics, roadmaps, and frameworks. Moreover, these elements will prove to be great for optimizing data centres.

Find Partners for Renewable Energy and Infrastructure Projects 

Engage with solution providers in power, cooling, IT, and software. It will also help to collaborate on sustainability initiatives.

Benchmark Against Leaders

Assess your organization’s sustainability maturity compared to benchmarks. Moreover, see the best practices shared at the summit.

Take Steps Towards Sustainable Data Centre Infrastructure!

Data centres stand at a point where they face increasing demands to reduce environmental impact. So, events like the Net zero data centre summit provide invaluable opportunities. They help to learn, collaborate, and chart paths toward sustainable operations. Schneider Electric’s gold sponsorship demonstrates the efficiency and level of collaboration the summit will hold. As a result, all data centre stakeholders must proactively work together. 

It will aid in transitioning the industry into a climate climate-neutral future. Now that we know the journey requires innovation and leadership, heading to the net zero data centre summit is a place that aims to catalyze the same. So, make sure you attend the opportunity in Berlin, Germany on 1-2 February 2024.

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