Climate change represents an existential threat facing humanity. With the scientific community sounding alarms on rising global temperatures and extreme weather, industries worldwide feel compelled to act. The life sciences sector is responding to this urgent call. It is evidenced by the 2nd Net Zero Life Sciences Forum. The forum focuses on energy efficiency and decarbonization strategies.

As a lead sponsor, Emerson lends its credibility as an automation leader. The company is devoted to environmental stewardship. By supporting collective action, Emerson aims to empower organizations. This is to embed sustainability within their purpose and culture. Moreover, the 2nd Net Zero Life Sciences Forum is an opportunity to redefine the bioeconomy around carbon-conscious design.

What does Emerson stand for? A Legacy of Purpose-Driven Innovation

Emerson is driven by its purpose: “We drive innovation that makes the world healthier, safer, smarter, and more sustainable.” Furthermore, with 110,000 employees globally, the company provides unmatched solutions. Moreover, it spans across industrial automation, commercial and residential solutions.

Emerson has a longstanding record of technology breakthroughs. So, these breakthroughs raise performance across essential industries. This is while advancing resource efficiency. Furthermore, the company in its starting days in the 1890s pioneered electric motors. This was the start where the organization transformed industrial machinery and manufacturing.

This spirit of purpose-driven innovation continues today. The company also integrates sustainability principles throughout its operations, portfolio, and partnerships. Furthermore, its internal operations and culture are as follows:

  • Pursuing science-based targets to achieve net zero emissions by 2030 for operations. Moreover, achieving net zero across its value chain by 2045.
  • Tying executive compensation to ESG results. As a result, signaling sustainability is integral to business strategy
  • Establishing a “Technology and Environmental Sustainability” committee on its Board of Directors
  • Achieving 30% renewable energy use globally as of 2023, on the way to 100% by 2030
  • Reaching a 42% emissions decrease against a 2021 baseline. So, it surpasses its 2030 target early
  • Setting a “Zero Waste to Landfill” goal by 2032 after establishing a 2022 baseline
  • Launching employee sustainability training with over 1,500 participants to date

As a result, this environmental ethos makes the sponsor an impactful ally for the forum’s decarbonization mission.

Technology Portfolio

Emerson’s expertise equips it to help customers improve efficiency, resiliency, and also carbon accountability:

  • Digital automation platforms to deeply understand and optimize energy consumption
  • Infrastructure consulting to identify upgrades for maximizing renewables
  • Industrial refrigeration solutions to transition from high global warming potential refrigerants
  • Monitoring technology to detect methane emissions for rapid repair quickly
  • R&D to engineer next-generation efficient equipment and processes
Partnerships for Collective Impact

Emerson joined hands with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and other partners to create the Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator. This initiative aims to help emerging economies shift to renewable energy.

This shows that Emerson strongly believes achieving a low-carbon future needs collaboration across different industries. Also, the company sponsoring this forum demonstrates its commitment to supporting urgent climate action together.

Why Emerson’s Sponsorship is Highly Effective

The sponsor offers capabilities to help organizations improve efficiency, resiliency, and sustainability:

  • Digital automation to understand and optimize energy consumption
  • Infrastructure consulting to maximize integration of renewables
  • Industrial refrigeration solutions to reduce high warming potential refrigerants
  • Monitoring technology to detect emissions for rapid repair
  • R&D to engineer next-generation efficient equipment and processes
  • Global reach to deploy innovations at speed and scale

The sponsor leads by example. It pursues ambitious science-based climate targets. Additionally, it tries executive compensation to ESG results. So, its progress and transparency reinforce its authority as an advisor.

What is the Summit About?

The 2nd Net Zero Life Sciences Forum is in Berlin on November 16-17, 2023. It convenes leaders to advance urgent climate action. This is through education, insights, and networking opportunities. Moreover, Emerson’s sponsorship highlights its commitment to empowering the industry’s transition to a low-carbon future. Furthermore, the 2nd Net Zero Life Sciences Forum programming includes:

  • Roadmaps to achieving net zero emissions across Scope 1, 2, and 3
  • Operationalizing sustainability through connected technology
  • Tackling Scope 3 emissions across the value chain
  • Energy transition strategies including electrification, hydrogen, and also renewable integration
  • Achieving carbon-neutral facilities via HVAC and cleanroom optimization
  • Data analytics for accurate carbon accounting and optimization
  • Innovations for continuous efficiency improvement across sites
  • Water conservation, wastewater management, and circular resource flows

Who Should Attend?

The event is for professionals in sustainability, engineering, and operations, especially those eager to learn and connect for progress. Moreover, participants come from pharmaceutical, medical technology, engineering, energy, and software firms, aiming to lead the shift to sustainable practices.

Emerson, as a solutions provider and advisor, invites industry leaders to pursue net-zero emissions while growing their businesses. Their presence highlights the 2nd Net Zero Life Sciences Forum’s ability to offer industry-wide knowledge. As a result, it leads to impactful emissions reductions.

Emerson’s Participation in the 2nd Net Zero Life Sciences Forum

At the 2nd Net Zero Life Sciences Forum, the sponsor will discuss its various capabilities. It will help organizations improve environmental performance:

  • Strategies and technologies to transition facilities to cleaner power and thermal sources
  • Deploying monitoring technology and data analytics. This is to detect inefficiencies, reduce waste, and also optimize energy use.
  • Innovations in cold chain technology. It reduces reliance on fuels and refrigerants with high global warming potential
  • How Emerson’s Plantweb digital ecosystem harnesses technologies like AI. It is to gain energy efficiency and carbon visibility
  • Carbon-conscious design principles and collaboration models. It is to develop efficient next-generation equipment and processes

Emerson will also share lessons and strategies from its own corporate decarbonization journey. So, it will provide guidance on setting and meeting ambitious climate targets.

Call to Collective Climate Action

The 2nd Net Zero Life Sciences Forum is happening at a very important time. The industry is not just planning anymore. It’s actively working to reduce carbon emissions. So, fast and significant cuts in emissions are needed in the next decade. It will help to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

The sponsor believes that technology and innovation can lead the way for this progress. However, achieving both the reduction of carbon emissions and business growth at the same time will require new ideas. It will also require collaboration across different industries.

Emerson is excited about sharing insights at the 2nd Net Zero Life Sciences Forum. This is to create positive momentum across various sectors. It also emphasizes the importance of making sustainability a part of business culture, purpose, and technology. It is not just for ethical reasons but also for economic reasons.

So, with the stakes higher than ever, the sponsor takes pride in sponsoring this timely 2nd Net Zero Life Sciences Forum. This is to reshape the bioeconomy based on carbon-conscious principles. Additionally, tackling humanity’s biggest challenge requires our most ambitious ideas and partnerships. So, don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of collective action!

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