Climate change is accelerating and so is the need to curb emissions across complex supply chains. The 2nd Scope 3 Emission Reduction Summit aims to boost progress on this front by gathering corporate sustainability leaders from around the world to discuss initiatives and solutions. Ecohz has joined as a silver sponsor of the event to further contribute to achieving corporate sustainability goals.

Ecohz is a pioneer in the world of renewable electricity, helping corporates across industries to achieve their net zero targets with tailored sustainability solutions. Through their vast experience, they will provide highly valuable insights for all conference attendees.

Ecohz: Simplifying the Path to Net Zero

For over two decades, Ecohz has pioneered the world of renewable electricity. Harnessing that experience, the company works to facilitate companies’ journeys to net zero by tailoring sustainability solutions. 

Ecohz provides organizations worldwide with an environmental toolbox that comprises documented renewable electricity, carbon credits, green gas, and dedicated advisory services. It has also developed a Scope 3 digital platform designed to help companies cut supply chain emissions and give their suppliers easy access to clean energy. 

Ecohz has an extensive portfolio of corporate clients. By providing quality solutions such as software for EAC procurement in the supply chain, they have helped over 400 international clients – including major companies such as BT, Tetra Pak, Signify, Carlsberg, H&M, KBN Bank, and Unilever – reach their climate targets.

Empowering Companies to Slash Scope 3 Emissions

Scope 3 emissions are those originating from a company’s supply chain. Thus, they are much harder for businesses to control. Regulations such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive in Europe make it more urgent than ever to act on Scope 3 reductions. As a result, this means companies need good strategies to reduce them. 

Ecohz offers a program that enables companies in every sector to cut Scope 3 emissions and provide suppliers with easy access to renewable energy. This program contains three modules, namely Scope 3 advisory, supplier upskilling, and Ecohz’ Supply Chain Portal, a digital platform that streamlines the purchase of documented renewables for suppliers. 

Madeleine Mowinckel, Net Zero Advisors at Ecohz, will be one of the speakers at the 2nd Scope 3 Emission Reduction Summit, where she will highlight case studies and real-life experiences of Ecohz’ customers.

Exploring the 2nd Scope 3 Emission Reduction Summit

The 2nd Scope 3 Emission Reduction Summit is a two-day event that features in-depth case studies of supply chain transformation and carbon accounting/ reporting. It also provides maximum networking opportunities to exchange insights and experience on Scope 3. The event aims to capture essential topics like legislative and regulatory frameworks (including CSRD), effective organizational setups, procurement’s role in emission reduction, data collection challenges, and more.

The event, taking place on April 18 & 19, 2024, in Berlin, Germany, will offer sessions from well-established companies like Ecohz, Heineken, Merck, Volvo Trucks, Holcim, Renault and Whirlpool. So, it will give the attendees a jump-start on emission reduction and disclosure.

To Sum Up

Sustainability needs learning, teamwork, and new ideas to make progress. The 2nd Scope 3 Emission Reduction Summit brings all that together in one event. Don’t miss this chance to learn from top companies. You’ll get useful insights and find the latest solutions for cutting Scope 3 emissions. Join Future Bridge, Ecohz, and other sponsors at the summit in Berlin, Germany on April 18-19, 2024. Register today!

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