Data Centers need to keep two elements as paramount today. These elements are uptime and efficiency. Furthermore, a new frontier has emerged that demands a delicate balance between technological prowess and environmental sustainability. To achieve this balance, the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit brings the brightest minds to one place to discuss the most rare insights and strategies. The summit takes place on 11-12 June 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. Moreover, Airedale by Modine has joined as its bronze sponsor. In this article, we will dive deeper into the company and the summit. So, let’s begin. 

About Airedale by Modine

Airedale by Modine is a world-renowned manufacturer. This is of air conditioning systems and thermal management solutions. They have a strong focus on mission-critical environments like data centers. The worldwide organization of Airedale is motivated by a common goal: to create a cleaner, healthier society. Airedale has more than 50 years of expertise. It also has a solid reputation for providing creative and effective end-to-end cooling solutions. 

Furthermore, a broad range of products are available from them. It includes air handling units, condensers/dry coolers, IT cooling systems, chillers, and precision air conditioning (PAC) units. Additionally, the way that Airedale approaches the creation of systems demonstrates its dedication to sustainability. They make systems that work smarter, not harder, to give greater cooling while consuming less electricity.

Airedale will demonstrate its knowledge of hybrid cooling systems at the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit. They have a special session titled “Hybrid Future – How Air and Liquid Cooling Will Co-Exist in the Data Centres of Tomorrow.” This session will be led by Mubarik CHOWDHRY, Director and General Manager of Data Centres EMEA at Airedale. Furthermore, the session is expected to provide insightful information about the direction that data center cooling is taking.

The proposed hybrid data center design, which uses a single chilled water loop, will be thoroughly discussed in the session. It will be along with methods for optimizing system temperatures for optimal performance and energy economy. Furthermore, the speaker will discuss how to maximize energy efficiency in hybrid models by optimizing cooling equipment. It includes indoor units, chillers, and controllers. Specifically, the address will emphasize how utilizing cutting-edge cooling technology may save up to 45% of energy over conventional designs. As a result, it will highlight Airedale’s dedication to advancing sustainability in the sector.

About the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit

The Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit is a dynamic two-day event. It is crafted to bring together designers, engineers, constructors, decision-makers, experts, and implementers. This is in the pursuit of intelligent decisions for data center growth. Moreover, this C-level summit aims to provide participants with the knowledge and resources they need to successfully plan and build their data centers.

The summit, which is slated to take place in Barcelona, Spain on June 11–12, 2024, aims to improve decision-making processes. This is by bringing together prominent figures from the business who have a thorough grasp of the complexities involved in creating mission-critical data centers. Additionally, participants will set off on a voyage of transformation. They will obtain insightful information and insights on the most recent trends and difficulties. They will also get the best practices in the engineering, building, and design of data centers.

The summit’s agenda covers a comprehensive range of topics, including Site selection and planning for optimal data center design, construction and sustainability, maximum security as a key consideration in data center design, and more. The summit also promises to deliver unmatched networking opportunities with renowned organizations like Airedale, Munters, Submer, Heidelberg Materials, and many more. 

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The Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit Bronze Sponsorship of Airedale by Modine is a major step in the direction of encouraging cooperation and innovation in the data center sector. This event provides a forum for information exchange, sustainable solution exploration, and the advancement of energy-efficient data center development. This is to fulfill the ever-increasing needs of the digital era by bringing together top experts, manufacturers, and stakeholders. Without a doubt, Airedale’s contributions to this summit will influence data center engineering, design, and construction going forward. It will open the door to a more efficient and sustainable future. So, make sure you attend the event and register right away!

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