The digital revolution is accelerating more than ever. Hence, the demand for robust and energy-efficient infrastructure is a top priority for organizations worldwide. The Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit on 11-12 June 2024 in Barcelona, Spain stands at the forefront of this crucial endeavor. The event is set to convene the most brilliant minds in the industry. This is to chart the course for the future of data center design, engineering, and construction. Furthermore, B-Global Tech has joined the summit as a prestigious Bronze Sponsor. It is a renowned provider of engineering, architecture, and consulting services for critical infrastructures. This shows the amount of impact, value, and rare insights the event will be able to provide. In this article, we will dive deeper into the organization and the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit. So, let’s begin.

About B-Global Tech

B-Global Tech is a company that specializes in offering engineering, architectural, and consulting services. It is for telecoms, data centers, and IT infrastructures. It is well-known around the world and has over 20 years of expertise. Moreover, it has offices in Barcelona, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore. The company has around fifty highly qualified engineers and architects working for it. They focus only on designing critical infrastructures. This talented team comes from various countries and cultures. This shows the company values diversity and different perspectives. Furthermore, its professionals are certified by top international groups like the Uptime Institute, TIA, and LEED. As a result, it ensures adherence to industry standards and best practices. 

The company prides itself on executing large-scale data center projects while delivering personalized value to its clients. So, every project begins with a detailed understanding of the client’s unique needs and expectations. It is facilitated by a multidisciplinary approach. It encompasses architectural design, technical installation calculations, and comprehensive project planning. 

Recognizing the importance of local knowledge, the organization has built a network of local partners in Southeast Asia. This adds value in all the countries where they operate. The company understands that a good partner with local expertise is essential to ensuring an excellent result.

Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit

The Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit is a dynamic two-day event. It will take place in Barcelona, Spain, on June 11 and 12, 2024. This summit convenes experts, implementers, decision-makers, engineers, builders, and designers. The goal is to make smart choices for growing data centers. This high-level event will give attendees key insights and connections. These are needed to successfully design and build energy-efficient data centers. The full agenda covers many topics like:

  • Energy-efficient design and construction methods, 
  • Futuristic designs for community resilience, 
  • Advanced technologies and automation, 
  • Scalability through modular design, 
  • Cost-efficient construction, 
  • Secure and scalable designs
  • And how AI impacts data center redesign

As a Bronze Sponsor, B-Global Tech will share its great expertise at the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit. Carles Cortadas GUASCH, the company’s Partner and CEO, will lead a dedicated session. It is titled “Energy-efficient building materials and practices for data centers.” This session will explore innovative insulation materials and techniques that minimize heat transfer. It will also cover ways to optimize thermal performance inside data center facilities. In addition, attendees can learn about green roof technologies and using renewable energy sources. This shows B-Global Tech’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly data center solutions.

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To Sum Up

The Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit’s partnership with B-Global Tech as a Bronze Sponsor signifies a collective commitment. This is to drive innovation, sustainability, and energy efficiency in the data center industry. By leveraging B-Global Tech’s extensive expertise and the summit’s comprehensive agenda, attendees will have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge strategies and materials. They will also explore practices that shape the future of energy-efficient data center design, engineering, and construction. Additionally, it will be a great networking opportunity to stay ahead of the curve profitably. So, make sure you register right away!

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