The Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit is set to take place in Barcelona, Spain on June 11-12, 2024. It is a premiere event that focuses on shaping the future of energy-efficient data centers. Moreover, it has significant attention from industry leaders and innovators to contribute. Among the esteemed sponsors, Sauermann Kimo will be joining as a silver sponsor. Additionally, they will bring their innovative products and expertise to the forefront of discussions. In this article, we will look deeper into the organization and the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit. So, let’s dive in.

Sauermann Kimo: Pioneering Solutions for Industrial and HVAC Applications

The Sauermann Kimo Group has led the way in creating, producing, and marketing innovative goods and services for the HVAC and industrial sectors for 45 years. The Group has become a market leader. Furthermore, they have focused exclusively on the identification, assessment, and management of indoor air quality (IAQ). This is in sensitive locations like data centers.

Kimo and Sauermann are Sauermann Kimo’s two main brands. Each of them comes with a specific area of expertise. The Sauermann brand is well-known for its cutting-edge condensate removal pumps. It comes with an extensive assortment of add-ons and kits. It helps to efficiently control moisture under demanding conditions.

Kimo, on the other hand, focuses on controlling, verifying, monitoring, and measuring air parameters. This is in regulated and industrial environments, such as data centers. Furthermore, Kimo offers cutting-edge systems that monitor temperature, humidity, ventilation, and filtration. As a result, it guarantees ideal conditions for crucial activities and to comply with strict standards.

The Group’s success comes through the support of a world-class team of over 20 experts. They work tirelessly across various testing and calibration laboratories worldwide. Moreover, Sauermann Kimo’s goods and services are made to the highest standards of performance and quality. This is thanks to these committed personnel and cutting-edge production facilities in China, the United States, and France

Furthermore, Sauermann Kimo’s commitment to innovation is exemplified by its patent-rich portfolio. It boasts more than 20 registered patents. Among its groundbreaking developments are:

  • The oscillating piston technology for pumps 
  • And the folding frame system for the DBM 620 electronic flowmeter. 

Moreover, the most advanced SI-C320 transmitters from the Group provide accurate measurements. It also guarantees adherence to the strictest rules. This is for clean rooms, controlled environments, and industrial HVAC applications.

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The Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit: A Transformative Gathering

The Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit is a dynamic two-day event. It brings together designers, engineers, constructors, decision-makers, experts, and implementers. This is to pursue intelligent solutions for data center growth. Moreover, it is meticulously crafted to equip attendees with essential insights and connections. This will help in successfully designing and constructing energy-efficient, sustainable data centers.

The comprehensive agenda covers several topics. It includes energy-efficient design and construction strategies, futuristic design concepts, advanced technologies,  and more. So, attendees will have the opportunity to elevate their decision-making capabilities. This is through insights from industry pioneers. They have a thorough knowledge of the complexities involved in planning and building vital data centers. Additionally, the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit promises to be a transformative journey. This is through the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in data center design, engineering, and construction.

As a Silver Sponsor, Sauermann Kimo will contribute its wealth of expertise through a dedicated session. The session will be on “Solutions for commissioning, regulation, and monitoring ventilation in data centers, Sauermann’s instrument portfolio.” It will be presented by Xavi PUIG, the Global Product Line Manager at Sauermann Group. 

To Sum Up

Demand is growing for energy-efficient and ecologically friendly data centers. This is because the digital landscape keeps growing at an exponential rate. The Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit is a shining example of innovation. It shows the way towards a future in which environmentally conscious practices and state-of-the-art technology live together. So register now!

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