Do you know that by 2030 the size of the data center market will reach $421bn? This data consumption and storage surge calls for the construction of cutting-edge data centers worldwide. So, as the quest for sustainable and energy-efficient infrastructure intensifies, industry leaders are convening for the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit in Barcelona, Spain on 11-12 June 2024. 

Additionally, Heidelberg Materials, a major global provider of building materials and solutions, has joined as a silver sponsor. To better understand how attending can help attendees, we will learn more about the sponsor and the company in this article.

Heidelberg Materials: Leaders in Sustainable Building Solutions

Heidelberg Materials has been around for more than 150 years. Throughout that time, it has continuously advanced society. This is accomplished by offering an extensive selection of building supplies and solutions. In addition, the company has become significant in ready-mixed concrete, aggregate, and cement fields. It operates in more than 50 countries and employs over 5,000 people at nearly 3,000 sites worldwide.

The fundamental basis of Heidelberg’s activities as an organization is deep environmental consciousness. Additionally, the company aims to give rise to environmentally sustainable construction materials and solutions for tomorrow. The company wants to take a leadership position as far as the construction industry is concerned towards carbon neutrality and a circular economy. Besides that, its commitment to digitalization enables Heidelberg Materials to promote innovation and drive growth through the creation of new opportunities among its clients.

The Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit

The Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit is a two-day event organized by Future Bridge. It offers a unique opportunity for industry players to research the latest advancements, challenges, and solutions in data center engineering, design, and construction. This esteemed occasion also provides a place for networking, information exchange, and joint problem-solving. This is with an emphasis on growing sustainable infrastructure, cutting expenses, and reshaping data centers for energy efficiency.

A wide range of well-known companies, including, PRIME Data Centres, AQ Compute, and others have been confirmed as speakers at the summit. These professionals and leaders in the field pledge to share a multitude of viewpoints and views. As a result, they will encourage a lively discussion of concepts and solutions.

Heidelberg Materials’ Sponsorship: Driving Sustainability and Innovation

When it comes to Heidelberg Materials’ Sponsorship, it yields extreme value. Their global presence has enabled them to provide attendees with valuable region-specific insights for data center projects. Moreover, the company understands unique regulatory landscapes, sourcing challenges, and logistical constraints. As a result, this can help attendees navigate complexities and make informed decisions.

Additionally, they will be coming up with a session as well. This session will be taken by Mr. Mubarik Chowdhry, Director of the Global Innovation Hub at Heidelberg Materials AG. It will be on Reducing Environmental Impact in Data Center Architecture offering an understanding of carbon footprint measurement, reduction strategies, eco-design principles for data center equipment, and more.

What Topics Will Be Covered In The Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit?

The summit’s schedule spans a wide range of issues. It encourages stimulating conversations and engaging sessions. So, participants will have the chance to explore:

  1. Energy-efficient design and construction strategies
  2. Sustainable approaches to greener construction
  3. Futuristic design and community resilience
  4. Advanced technologies and automation in data center operations
  5. Scalability through modular design
  6. Cost-efficient construction methodologies
  7. Scalable and secure data center designs
  8. Adapting to the AI era through redesign

Industry peers will work together and share information through panel discussions, case studies, and networking events. Together, they will solve the urgent issues facing the data center sector. This includes sustainability, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and energy efficiency.

To Sum Up

Data needs are projected to grow, so embracing sustainability is crucial. Secure your spot today to be part of the collective effort. Join visionaries at the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit in Barcelona on June 11-12, 2024, and contribute to shaping the future of data center design, engineering, and construction. This event is an opportunity to share insights and exchange ideas. Together, we can pave the way for a more sustainable and efficient data center landscape.

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