The biopharmaceutical industry has a crucial role in building a sustainable future. As both an essential service and a major energy user, biopharma must innovate. It will help to eliminate its carbon footprint. The 2nd Net Zero Life Sciences Forum on 16-17 November 2023 in Berlin, Germany will convene industry leaders. This is on the pressing challenge of slashing emissions through energy efficiency. As a lead sponsor of this event, Zeta reaffirms its commitment to accelerating sustainability in biomanufacturing.

Zeta – A leader in sustainable bioprocess solutions

Zeta is an ideal partner for biopharma companies on their sustainability journey. The company is headquartered in Austria. Moreover, they have extensive energy efficiency expertise and a holistic focus. 

Furthermore, it specializes in end-to-end process solutions for biologics development and manufacturing. Zeta serves leading biopharma companies globally as a trusted advisor and implementer.

Zeta provides comprehensive services. It spans consulting, engineering across process/automation/mechanical/electrical disciplines, GMP cleanroom design, quality and validation consulting, equipment manufacturing, system integration, and also staff augmentation.

This diverse proficiency makes Zeta a turnkey solutions provider. They are able to deliver complex biomanufacturing projects from concept to completion.

Why Zeta is such an effective forum sponsor and participant

Zeta contributes its insights and expertise to the 2nd Net Zero Life Sciences Forum’s agenda. Additionally, they will put out focused presentations on topics like:

  • Assessing decarbonization opportunities
  • Implementing HVAC and cleanroom efficiency measures
  • Deploying heat recovery systems
  • Optimizing steam distribution
  • Adding renewable energy generation on-site
  • Establishing an energy culture
  • Using automation and digitization to optimize energy in bioprocesses
  • Developing a roadmap to net zero

Its hands-on guidance helps attendees develop concrete action plans. These plans are also suited to their organization’s needs and priorities.

In addition, as a major sponsor, Zeta strengthens the caliber of participants at the 2nd Net Zero Life Sciences Forum. This is by inviting clients to join the event. Its involvement assures attendees that the 2nd Net Zero Life Sciences Forum offers substantive knowledge. This knowledge will help to catalyze their net zero plans.

Zeta furthers its mission to shape more innovative, digital, and sustainable manufacturing. This is by enabling the gathering of sustainability change-makers across biopharma. Furthermore, the event convenes the ecosystem essential for the transition to low-carbon production.

What to expect at the 2nd Net Zero Life Sciences Forum

The 2nd Net Zero Life Sciences Forum convenes experts. They share insights and also strategies for biopharma companies to transition to sustainable manufacturing. So, this valuable event provides:

Visionary perspectives

Thought leaders set the vision and urgency for net zero bioprocessing through keynotes. Moreover, speakers inspire attendees to take on leadership roles driving sustainability.

Peer knowledge exchange

Case studies, panels, and fireside chats enable attendees to learn from peers. So, they are the ones who have implemented emissions reduction initiatives. 

Technology exploration

Through demos and exhibits, attendees experience emerging technologies. It includes high-efficiency equipment and also real-time energy optimization software. Moreover, vendors answer questions.

Roadmapping guidance

Experts provide frameworks and best practices. This is for assessing the current state, evaluating options, and charting a path to net zero. Moreover, It is tailored to individual company needs and scenarios.

Idea incubation

Small group breakouts facilitate in-depth discussion around issues. These include engaging employees, selecting metrics, financing projects, and shifting culture. So, it helps to focus attendees on applying insights.

Network building

The intimate, interactive format fosters connections with like-minded peers. It helps in continued collaboration beyond the event. Furthermore, partnerships can accelerate innovation adoption.

Customized consultations

One-on-one guidance from specialists helps attendees craft plans to advance specific initiatives. It includes LED retrofits, combined heat, and power, or energy data management upon returning to their workplace.

Compared to going alone, immersive experiences like the 2nd Net Zero Forum accelerate a company’s progress by months or even years. Attendees gain knowledge and connections to catalyze environmental programs inside their organizations and also collectively across biopharma.

Wrapping up

Achieving net zero emissions presents a monumental yet urgent challenge for the biopharmaceutical industry. So, incremental progress will not suffice to address the scale of this transition.

Instead, the sector must take bold steps together. Events like the 2nd Net Zero Life Sciences Forum that convene passionate leaders are pivotal to align on vision, identify solutions, and coordinate initiatives.

Through shared knowledge and capabilities, biopharma can overcome adoption hurdles. So, a clear understanding of the current landscape and future trajectory will inspire stakeholders at all levels to take part. So, make sure you do not miss the opportunity to attend the summit!

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