The climate crisis poses an existential threat to economies and communities globally. With rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and subsequent disruptions, decarbonization has become pivotal for future-proofing businesses. Although the focus has been on reducing scope 1 and 2 emissions so far, scope 3 emissions now need dedicated strategies. This is considering they account for over 70% of total emissions for high-impact industries. So, this is where the 2nd Scope 3 Emission Reduction Summit which takes place on April 18-19, 2024 in Berlin, Germany comes into place.

Scope 3 refers to indirect value chain emissions. It ranges from sourcing materials to transportation, distribution, and product disposal. So, with complex external value chains, scope 3 poses formidable measurement and reduction challenges. However, tightening regulations and reporting standards like the EU’s CSRD and pressure from stakeholders make scope 3 disclosures and reductions mandatory.  

To discuss innovations and strategies for scope 3 management, Future Bridge is organizing the 2nd Scope 3 Emission Reduction Summit. It is focused exclusively on scope 3 emissions. This includes calculating, reporting, target-setting, and reduction approaches. As the Presenting Partner for this marquee event, TWS Partners brings vast expertise. This is in assisting clients to navigate business complexity by leveraging economic science and game theory.

2nd Scope 3 Emission Reduction Summit: Focus areas  

With rising expectations on climate action, the 2nd Scope 3 Emission Reduction Summit  organized by Future Bridge provides:

  • Latest insights on legislative developments like CSRD mandating scope 3 disclosures
  • Standards and protocols for measuring scope 3 – data collection, methodologies, and reporting
  • Organizational setup for scope 3 ownership across functions
  • Tools and platforms to enhance monitoring and streamline reporting
  • Strategies to engage suppliers and customers to reduce value chain emissions
  • Harness technologies like IoT, sensors, satellite monitoring, and blockchain to track scope 3
  • In-depth case studies highlighting innovations by sustainability leaders

This brings us to the question as to why one should definitely participate in the summit. Let us find that out ahead.

2nd Scope 3 Emission Reduction Summit: Why participate?

By taking part in this special summit that focuses on managing a specific type of emissions known as scope 3, you have the opportunity to gather practical insights and ideas. The main aim is to advance your efforts toward achieving a net-zero carbon footprint. Throughout the 2nd Scope 3 Emission Reduction Summit, you’ll delve into topics such as understanding and navigating rules, adopting effective data collection methods, and implementing strategies to reduce emissions.

The sessions will unveil innovations tailored to meet emission reduction goals and timelines. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to interact with sustainability leaders who are pioneering ambitious scope 3 programs, gaining valuable insights and best practices to follow.

In addition to these learning opportunities, the 2nd Scope 3 Emission Reduction Summit provides a platform for networking. This allows you to learn from your peers, and explore potential collaborations with fellow professionals, technology experts, and advisory firms. The collective goal is to drive efforts for decarbonization through collaborative action.

Armed with cutting-edge information on measurement standards, target setting, supply chain capabilities, and technologies, summit participants can develop clear roadmaps. These roadmaps aim to accelerate transparency, enhance performance, and also improve communication related to scope 3 emissions.

Insightful partnership with TWS Partners

As the Presenting Partner for the Global Scope 3 Emission Reduction Summit, TWS Partners lends their specialized expertise. It assists organizations in transforming complex business decisions using economic science.

With over 100 experts adept at applied game theory modeling and analytics, TWS Partners boasts extensive experience across functions. This ranges from procurement and supply chain to sales, HR, and sustainability. Additionally, they have completed over 2700 successful projects in nearly all sectors. This ranges from automotive and telecommunications to pharmaceuticals and public health, all across the globe. So, their multifunctional perspectives provide unique solutions tailored to business contexts to tackle scope 3 emissions across the value chain holistically. 

For instance, TWS Partners has developed a Carbon Incentives approach. It financially motivates suppliers to invest in low-carbon production. Moreover, by integrating sustainability into sourcing through emissions-based awards, companies can drive significant upstream reductions.  

Through behavioral techniques grounded in game theory and mechanism design, TWS Partners can enable organizations to capture network effects. This is for maximized scope 3 progress. Furthermore, their customized interventions provide CP leadership while optimizing business metrics simultaneously.

So, with the presenting partnership with TWS partners for this marquee event, attendees can benefit from gaining actionable ideas directly applicable to accelerate their net zero delivery. This is through procurement practices, transportation strategies, product design innovations, and more.

To sum up 

With the scale of the climate crisis demanding urgent business action, addressing scope 3 emissions is pivotal for credible net-zero strategies. The 2nd Global Scope 3 Emission Reduction Summit organized by Future Bridge in Berlin on April 18-19, 2024 offers insights. These insights help to construct comprehensive roadmaps for scope 3 measurement. It also helps in reduction and disclosure.  

With TWS Partners helping with smart decision-making and game theory, you can find new and smart ideas. The goal is to make sure everyone involved benefits the most from reducing emissions. So, come to this special summit to get ideas that fit your goals and make your business ready for the future. Also, speed up your efforts to reach net zero emissions. This is by learning about your supply chain, involving your customers, thinking carefully about product design, choosing suppliers wisely, and using new technologies for monitoring in real-time. You’ll get all these insights at this event, attend now!