On 1-2 February 2024, the food and beverage industry came together in Berlin, Germany for the 2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum. This two-day event focused on the critical challenge of decarbonization and also strategies to achieve net zero emissions. 

Throughout the forum, industry leaders, experts, and innovators shared their insights on the transition to net zero. This was through presentations and panel discussions.  Moreover, the 2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage forum provided an opportunity for stakeholders across the food system value chain to align on sustainability goals, exchange ideas, and foster collaboration. As the industry faces increasing pressure from consumers, investors, and also regulators to reduce its climate impacts, events like this become even more valuable.

In this article, we will dive into the details as to what was covered. So, we will see the topics in detail and the sponsors who were a valuable part of the event. 

2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum: Here’s What the Speakers Talked About

With a focus on innovative solutions, best practices, and also real-world experiences, the forum aimed to inspire actionable strategies for fostering environmental stewardship and also resilience. So, here’s what the speakers covered:

  • Achim DREWES 

Sustainability & Stakeholder Relations Nestlé Waters EMENA  

Nestlé Waters

Topic covered:  Aiming at a Positive Impact on Water Cycles and Nature – Methodology and Examples from a Mineral Water Business  

Achim Drewes represented Nestlé Waters. He delved into the intricacies of fostering a positive impact on water cycles and nature. This was within the context of a mineral water business. Through methodology elucidation and real-world examples, he highlighted Nestlé Waters’ commitment. This is to sustainability, showcasing strategies aimed at mitigating environmental impact and also promoting responsible water stewardship.

  • Willem KOREVAAR  

Strategic Customer Manager 


Kristaps GREIDANS  

Director, Strategic Customer Management Food & Beverage  

Adven – Silver Sponsor

Topic covered:  Energy and water efficiency, bridging the gap together

Willem Korevaar and Kristaps Greidans, representing Adven, explored the synergies between energy and water efficiency in the pursuit of sustainability targets. So, by identifying typical hurdles and advocating for strategic partnerships, they illustrated practical approaches. This is to close the sustainability gap. Furthermore, drawing on the partnership with Arla Vimmerby, they demonstrated how collaborative efforts can translate sustainability ideals into tangible outcomes. This is within the food and beverage industry.

  • Martin KRUSKA  

Head Strategy & Business Development Energy & Performance Services EMEA  

Siemens – Gold Sponsor

Topic covered:  End-to-end Decarbonisation Approach for the Food & Beverages Industry  

Martin Kruska, from Siemens, elucidated an end-to-end decarbonization approach tailored for the food and beverages industry. Moreover, through strategic project management insights and the transformative power of data, he outlined Siemens’ methodology for corporate decarbonization. Additionally, he emphasized solution design and continuous monitoring as cornerstones for sustainable progress.


Energy & Sustainability Manager  

Arla Foods Ingredients Group

Topic covered:  Sustainability from Vision to Masterplan  

Thomas Røjkjær Østergaard Lauritsen navigated through Arla Foods Ingredients Group’s sustainability journey. So, he shed light on the challenges and strategies involved in translating corporate vision into actionable sustainability masterplans. Furthermore, with a focus on local commitment and technological integration, he elucidated Arla’s approach to aligning central long-term goals. Moreover, this is with site-specific actions, ensuring meaningful progress toward sustainable outcomes.

  • Michiel GEURDS 

Consultant Industrial Sustainability



Food & Beverage Market Leader Central & Eastern Europe  

Bilfinger – Silver Sponsor

Topic covered:   Bilfinger Net Zero Approach – a lifecycle approach  

Michiel Geurds and Maja Vrcelj, representing Bilfinger, unveiled a comprehensive lifecycle approach. This is to achieve net-zero emissions within the food and beverage sector. So, from roadmap formulation to practical implementation, they shared insights garnered from real-world applications. As a result, it offered invaluable lessons learned along the journey toward sustainable transformation.

  • Eric CAVALLERO  

Regional Engineering PM EUAU  

General Mills

Topic covered:  GENERAL MILLS EUAU’s journey toward low carbon footprint, challenges, and opportunities for scaling up the initiatives 

Eric Cavallero provided insights into General Mills’ journey toward reducing its carbon footprint. So, the speaker outlined the challenges faced and opportunities for scaling up sustainability initiatives. Furthermore, by sharing experiences and strategies, he emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts. So, this is in driving meaningful progress toward sustainability goals within the food and beverage industry.

  • Natalia GORINA  

Global Carbon Commercial Director  

Louis Dreyfus Company

Topic covered:  Accelerating Louis Dreyfus Company’s Decarbonization Journey 

Natalia Gorina elaborated on Louis Dreyfus Company’s ambitious decarbonization journey. The speaker addressed current standing, challenges, and solutions. Moreover, with a focus on Scope 3 emissions calculation and low-carbon agricultural products, she underscored the company’s commitment. It is the commitment to drive sustainable transformation across its operations and also the supply chain.

  • Ruben A. RIKSTED 

Co-founder & Marketing manager  

Lyras – Bronze Sponsor

Topic covered:  Put your production on the fast track to net zero 

Ruben A. Riksted outlined Lyras’ innovative approach to accelerating production towards net-zero emissions. So, by highlighting energy and water-saving solutions, he showcased practical methods for achieving significant reductions in energy and water consumption. As a result, it ultimately aids companies in fulfilling their climate goals.


The Scope 3 reduction journey: initiatives, challenges, and industry best practices  

Vincenzo GIORDANO  

Director – Sustainability Solutions  

ENGIE Impact

Vincenzo Giordano led discussions on scope 3 reduction journeys. The speaker explored initiatives, challenges, and best practices within the industry. So, by fostering dialogue and knowledge sharing, participants gained valuable insights. There were insights into navigating the complexities of scope 3 emissions reduction and also advancing sustainability agendas.


The EU Nature Restoration Law and What It Means for the Food & beverage Industry  

Achim DREWES  

Sustainability & Stakeholder Relations  

Nestlé Waters

Achim Drewes facilitated discussions on the EU nature restoration law and also its implications for the food and beverage industry. So, by unpacking regulatory requirements and exploring industry responses, participants gained clarity on navigating regulatory landscapes. They also gained clarity on aligning business practices with environmental conservation efforts.


Short-term activities to support energy-saving targets  

Carlos BRANCO  

Energy and Environmental Manager  

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (Portugal)

Carlos Branco guided discussions on short-term activities to support energy-saving targets. So, by sharing practical strategies and case studies, participants gained actionable insights into implementing energy-saving initiatives. As a result, it drives efficiency improvements and sustainability goals.


Which emissions to focus on?  


Energy & Sustainability Manager 

Arla Foods Ingredients Group

Thomas Røjkjær Østergaard Lauritsen led discussions on identifying and also prioritizing emissions reduction targets. So, by examining emission sources and mitigation strategies, participants gained clarity on focusing efforts. This is to maximize environmental impact and also achieve sustainability objectives.


Putting Net zero into practice: sharing opportunities, challenges, and experiences  

Michiel GEURDS  

Consultant Industrial Sustainability  

Jordi KOES  

Business Manager Industrial Sustainability  


Michiel Geurds and Jordi Koes facilitated discussions on practical approaches to implementing net-zero practices. So, by exchanging experiences and insights, participants explored opportunities. They also navigated challenges and shared best practices for accelerating sustainability initiatives and also driving meaningful change.

  • Henning HANISCH  

Senior Process Technology Manager  

Eckes-Granini Group GmbH

Topic covered:  Roadmap to ZERO: Approach, Targets and Challenges 

Henning Hanisch outlined the Eckes-Granini Group’s roadmap to achieving zero emissions. The speaker of the 2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum addressed approaches, targets, and challenges along the journey. So, with a focus on energy-saving measures, heat recovery, and decarbonization strategies, he provided valuable insights into overcoming obstacles and also realizing ambitious sustainability goals within the food and beverage industry.

  • Vincenzo GIORDANO  

Director – Sustainability Solutions  

ENGIE Impact – Bronze Sponsor

Topic covered:  Turning Decarbonisation Ambition into Action – Lessons from the Frontline 

Vincenzo Giordano shared lessons from the frontline of decarbonization. He offered insights into accelerating net-zero carbon transformation within the sector. So, by highlighting key enablers and levers for sustainable transformation, he provided actionable strategies. This is for driving decarbonization at pace and scale. As a result, it drew on real-world experiences with global corporations.

  • Katarzyna GRZYBOWSKA  

AVP Regional Sustainability Manager for Zone Asia, Oceania and Africa  


Topic covered:  Net Zero Journey – Addressing Scope 3 

Katarzyna Grzybowska discussed Nestlé’s net-zero journey. As a result, it focused on addressing scope 3 emissions within the food and beverage industry. So, by emphasizing collaboration between customers and suppliers and prioritizing a just transition, she outlined strategies for driving meaningful progress. This is towards net-zero carbon emissions and also long-term well-being for all stakeholders.


Site optimization, energy  

Arla Foods Ingredients Group

Topic covered:  Sustainability from masterplan to final implementation 

Rasmus Ramsgård Bjerge provided insights into Arla Foods Ingredients Group’s sustainability initiatives. The speaker detailed the journey from the master plan to the final implementation. So, by evaluating technology, designing systems, and translating theory into practice, he offered valuable guidance. So, this is for integrating sustainability into every aspect of food and beverage manufacturing processes.

  • Marc FUERTH  

Industrial sales engineer  

Carrier – Bronze Sponsor

Topic covered:  Decarbonation of food processing plants using CO2 high-efficiency cooling & heating technology 

Marc Fuerth explained Carrier’s innovative approach to decarbonizing food processing plants. This is using CO2 high-efficiency cooling and heating technology. So, by highlighting sustainable solutions that eliminate F-gas and PFAS, he underscored the importance of adopting environmentally friendly technologies. This is to reduce carbon emissions and also promote sustainability within the industry.

  • Carlos BRANCO  

Energy and Environmental Manager  

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (Portugal)

Topic covered:  Decarbonization plan, on CCEP Lisbon site 

Carlos Branco outlined Coca-Cola Europacific Partners’ decarbonization plan for its Lisbon site. The speaker detailed carbon footprint measurement, technological solutions evaluation, and implementation strategies. So, by sharing experiences and insights, he provided valuable guidance for implementing decarbonization initiatives. The speaker also gave guidance for achieving sustainability goals within the food and beverage manufacturing sector.

  • Miika KAKKO  

Senior Manager Energy Efficiency  


Topic covered:  The Role of Energy Management 

Miika Kakko discussed the critical role of energy management in driving sustainability and efficiency within food manufacturing. By highlighting the benefits of energy-efficient technologies, renewable energy adoption, and smart energy management practices, he provided practical strategies for reducing costs, emissions. There were also strategies for enhancing resilience in food production processes.

  • Maxence ROLLIN  

Business Developer for New Products & New Territories  

Prodeval – Bronze Sponsor

Topic covered:  PRODEVAL, a key player in biomethane and CO2 markets 

Maxence Rollin showcased Prodeval’s role as a key player in the biomethane and CO2 markets. The speaker focused on bioCO2 market dynamics and CO2 liquefaction solutions. So, by presenting case studies and market insights, he demonstrated how Prodeval’s innovative solutions support customers’ sustainability goals. He also showed how they contribute to a low-carbon future in the food and beverage industry.

  • Dmitry FURSOV  

Regional Energy and Natural Resources Manufacturing Technology Senior Engineer  


Topic covered:   Why do energy meters matter? 

Dmitry Fursov emphasized the importance of energy meters in driving energy efficiency and sustainability within food and beverage manufacturing. So, by discussing Cargill’s sustainability goals and real-world metering projects, he highlighted practical challenges. He also focused on opportunities for leveraging energy metering to reduce energy consumption and also emissions.

  • Pankaj OMAR  

Global Project Director  

Bunge Loders Croklaan

Topic covered:  Journey to energy-efficient food and beverage manufacturing 

Pankaj Omar shared insights into Bunge Loders Croklaan’s journey towards energy-efficient food and beverage manufacturing. So, by focusing on HVACR efficiency, thermal and process management, and heat pumps, he outlined strategies for driving sustainability and also achieving energy efficiency goals within food processing operations.

Now let us see who were the sponsors who were a part of the event.

2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum: Looking At The Sponsors

Sponsors play a pivotal role in driving the success of events like the 2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum, providing crucial support and also resources to facilitate meaningful discussions and initiatives. So, let’s delve into the contributions of the esteemed sponsors who supported this forum:

SIEMENS – Gold Sponsor

As a Gold Sponsor, Siemens brings a wealth of expertise in technology solutions. It is centered on industry, infrastructure, and transportation. So, with a unique ability to integrate digital and physical technologies, Siemens empowers its customers to optimize industrial and also infrastructure systems. This is for enhanced productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. Moreover, their commitment to innovation and sustainability aligns perfectly with the objectives of the 2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum. As a result, it makes them a valuable partner in the journey towards a net-zero future.

Adven – Silver Sponsor

Adven stands at the forefront of driving the energy transition with sustainable and competitive solutions. As a Silver Sponsor, Adven collaborates closely with customers, municipalities, and suppliers. This is to develop innovative energy solutions that promote resource efficiency. Moreover, with over 50 years of experience and a robust track record, Adven’s expertise in district heating, geoenergy, and infrastructure services contributes significantly. So, this is to advance sustainability within the food and beverage sector.

BILFINGER – Silver Sponsor

Bilfinger Tebodin brings extensive experience and expertise as an independent partner in consultancy and engineering solutions. Furthermore, their integrated approach, combined with professional project and construction management, makes them a trusted EPCM contractor in various industries. So, as a Silver Sponsor, Bilfinger Tebodin’s commitment to driving innovation and also sustainability aligns seamlessly with the objectives of the 2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum. As a result, it offers valuable insights and solutions to propel the industry toward a more sustainable future.

Carrier – Bronze Sponsor

Carrier Commercial Refrigeration leads the market in providing high-efficiency CO2 refrigeration, heating, and cooling systems for commercial and industrial applications. So, as a Bronze Sponsor, Carrier contributes its expertise in pioneering CO2 refrigeration technology. It also offers innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of its clients. Additionally, with a focus on sustainability and technological advancements, Carrier plays a vital role in shaping the future of refrigeration and also HVAC systems within the food and beverage industry.

Lyras – Bronze Sponsor

Lyras introduces groundbreaking liquid processing equipment that revolutionizes pasteurization with UV-light technology. So, as a Bronze Sponsor, Lyras aims to significantly reduce energy and water consumption in liquid processing, aligning with the sustainability goals of the 2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum. Moreover, their innovative approach and commitment to environmental stewardship make them a valuable contributor. So, this is to advance sustainable practices within the industry.

ENGIE Impact – Bronze Sponsor

ENGIE Impact accelerates sustainability transformation for corporations, cities, and also governments by providing tailored strategies and solutions to embed sustainability into operations. As a Bronze Sponsor, ENGIE Impact brings its expertise in data analytics, multi-disciplinary expertise, and global reach to drive sustainability initiatives forward. Moreover, their holistic approach and actionable solutions help organizations achieve their sustainability goals. As a result, it makes them an essential partner in the journey towards a net-zero future.

Prodeval – Bronze Sponsor

Prodeval leads the way in treatment and also biogas upgrading technologies, offering innovative solutions for biomethane production, Bio-CO2 valorization, and BioCNG production and distribution. So, as a Bronze Sponsor, Prodeval’s expertise in anaerobic digestion and biogas utilization contributes to advancing sustainable practices within the food and beverage sector. Moreover, their commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability makes them a valuable ally in the pursuit of a net-zero future.


The 2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum demonstrated that while there is still much work to be done, momentum is building toward decarbonization in the food and beverage sector. Moreover, companies recognize the urgent need to accelerate their efforts and are pursuing innovative solutions.

Achieving net zero emissions requires a comprehensive, systemic approach across the full value chain. So, as discussed throughout the 2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum, transparency, accountability, and cooperation will be critical to overcoming the remaining challenges. Moreover, tackling the climate crisis demands bold action, and the food system must lead the way.

Though the road ahead is long, the forum provided hope that a net zero future is within reach. So, events like this bring us one step closer to realizing that vision. The food and beverage industry now has a tremendous opportunity to leverage the insights gained and also drive meaningful progress toward decarbonization. So, make sure you never miss an opportunity to attend the events heading toward the goal of net zero!

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