The rapid digital transformation today has made data centers come to the forefront of the digital infrastructure. Moreover, this rapid growth has brought sustainable practices and energy-efficient operations into focus. This is where the energy efficiency for data centers summit comes into force. The summit taking place on May 16-17, 2024, in Dallas TX, USA will be a comprehensive exploration of strategies and solutions for efficiency in operations. To make the efforts of the summit even stronger, Legrand has joined as its silver sponsor. In this article, we will learn more about the summit and the company in depth. So, let’s get going.

Legrand: A Global Specialist in Electrical & Digital Building Infrastructure

In the field of electrical and digital building infrastructure, Legrand is a well-known leader. Furthermore, it reflects a diverse portfolio of industry-leading brands. These brands help in empowering its Data, Power & Control division. It includes Structured cabling solutions, Intelligent power distribution units, network infrastructure solutions, and advanced monitoring and management tools from Ortronics, Raritan, Server Technology, Starline, Approved Networks, and ZPE Systems.  So, they can cater to the individual needs of different industries like data centers. Additionally, it helps them reduce their carbon impact and achieve higher operating efficiency. The dependability and state-of-the-art technologies of the company stem from decades of demonstrated performance. It is also a result of a committed focus on research and development.

Moreover, the company has a great amount of expertise in automation and IoT. It has innovative products featuring embedded Netatmo technology for remote control and management of electrical and heating appliances. So, these new products that are energy efficient showcase the company’s commitment to sustainable practices across various sectors.

The Energy Efficiency for Data Centers Summit and Legrand’s Participation

The two-day Energy Efficiency for Data Centres Summit will give industry stakeholders an essential platform. Furthermore, they will be able to collaborate, exchange best practices, and discover creative solutions. These solutions will shape the future of sustainable data centers. Moreover, the summit aims to cover a wide range of agendas. This includes:

  • Reducing data center energy consumption
  • Microgrid technologies 
  • Fullstack efficiency
  • Cooling solutions 
  • Automation and AI-enabled data centers and much more

As a silver sponsor, Legrand is dedicated to encouraging communication, promoting the sharing of information, and igniting action. Furthermore, Calvin Nicholson, Sr. Director of Product Management at Legrand, will be one of the esteemed speakers at the Energy Efficiency for Data Centers Summit. Moreover, he will be speaking on energy-efficient technologies covering areas like advanced monitoring tools & analytics, virtualization technologies, low-cost cooling methods, and more.

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The Sustainable Future of Data Centers

To make data centers sustainable, we must take a complete approach beyond just new technologies. We need changes in business, society, and rules too. So, from a business side, data center companies should find new money-making models that make sustainable practices beneficial. This can include charging for carbon emissions, green financing help, and also rewards for energy efficiency.

Data centers must talk openly with local communities, be transparent, and be accountable. Moreover, open conversations, education programs, and strong reporting can build trust and shared responsibility for the environment. Additionally, strong governance guidelines and standards across the industry are key too. So, data centers, regulators, and environmental groups should collaborate. It will help to develop comprehensive rules, certifications, and benchmarks that everyone follows.

Moreover, the way forward is to bring together advanced tech, forward-thinking business ideas, and commitment to environmental, social, and governance principles. Embracing this complete approach paves the path to a genuinely sustainable digital world in harmony with nature’s limits. So, register now for the Energy Efficiency for Data Centers Summit to be part of shaping this sustainable digital future. Hear from pioneers, learn best practices, and collaborate to drive real change.

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