Today’s data center industry needs to keep evolving with time while keeping sustainability and efficiency in its operations. To achieve this, a new partnership has emerged that promises to shape the future of data center design, engineering, and construction. HOPPECKE, Europe’s largest privately owned manufacturer of industrial batteries, has joined the prestigious lineup of sponsors as a bronze sponsor for the upcoming Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit in Barcelona, Spain on June 11-12, 2024.

This collaboration underscores the industry’s commitment to embracing innovative solutions. They are the ones that prioritize environmental responsibility while ensuring reliable and scalable energy storage solutions. In this article, we will dive deeper into the company and the summit to clarify the value proposition. 


HOPPECKE is headquartered in Germany’s Brilon. The family-owned company is well-known for being a global pioneer in the industrial battery sector. This is achieved by giving sustainability and innovation priority. Moreover, HOPPECKE has over 2,000 employees distributed among 22 businesses and approximately 480 million euros in sales. Additionally, the company provides a broad range of goods, advisory services, and knowledge in four primary areas: 

  • Storage of renewable energies for off-grid and on-grid applications (sun)
  • Secure power supply for data centers, IT, and telecommunication systems (grid); 
  • Emission-free drives for industrial trucks and machines (track); 
  • And protection and propulsion of railway and metro systems (rail). 

In the data center industry, HOPPECKE is regarded as a valuable partner due to its extensive product line. The company approaches sustainability from a broad perspective. It integrates environmental responsibility into every part of its operations. Furthermore, the organization supports resource efficiency and adopts environmentally friendly procedures. It also cultivates a culture of ongoing development for employees. This strategy is enhanced by the organization’s significant investment in state-of-the-art research and development. The business remains ahead of the curve by launching innovative solutions that minimize their negative effects on the environment while meeting changing client needs. 

The Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit: A Convergence of Visionaries

Held over two days, the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit is an event that takes place in Barcelona, Spain, on June 11 and 12, 2024. It brings together leaders in the data center sector, specialists, decision-makers, and implementers. This summit is more than just a meeting; it’s a convergence of minds, ideas, and solutions. These solutions can influence data center engineering, architecture, and construction in the future.

HOPPECKE is a Bronze Sponsor and brings a wealth of expertise to the summit. The organization will be taking a session on “Sustainable and Safe Backup Energy for Your Data Centre.” It will be taken by Dr. Stefan GOEBEL, Sales Director Telecom & Infrastructure – Senior Manager Products at HOPPECKE. Additionally, the discussion of sustainable energy storage techniques is expected to be stimulating throughout this session. It includes

  • Lowering carbon footprints, 
  • Minimizing air conditioning needs, 
  • Adopting circular economy ideas in battery recycling, 
  • And maximizing space utilization.

The summit’s real strength is its capacity to attract a broad spectrum of speakers. They will provide informative talks on a variety of topics. Additionally, the agenda of the summit provides a thorough roadmap for the development of data center infrastructure in the future. So, it encompasses topics such as:

  • Energy-efficient design, 
  • Sustainable construction strategies, 
  • Automation/ futuristic design concepts, 
  • Scalability through modular design
  • And cost-effective construction methods.

The Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit offers unmatched networking possibilities in addition to thought-provoking sessions, panel discussions, and more. Moreover, attendees from all around the world can create lasting relationships, exchange insightful ideas, and investigate possible partnerships. 

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To Sum Up

HOPPECKE is taking a big step in the direction of promoting sustainability and innovation in the data center sector. This is by being a Bronze Sponsor at the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit. The company’s experience and dedication to cutting-edge technologies make it a vital partner in influencing the future of data center design, engineering, and construction. This is as the demand for dependable and ecologically friendly energy storage solutions continues to increase. So, make sure you register right away for the event!

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