The food and beverage sector generates over 36% of manufacturing emissions globally. So, decarbonization has become an urgent priority with rising stakeholder activism, policy interventions, and extreme weather events putting supply chains at risk. To drive progress, Future Bridge is organizing the 2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum: Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization on February 1-2, 2024 in Berlin, Germany. This exclusive industry event convenes senior sustainability ambassadors and technical leaders across the value chain. This is to align on advanced strategies for emissions reduction.

As a prominent Silver Sponsor, Nordic energy utility giant Adven lends its extensive expertise. It will enable the transition to renewable thermal solutions. Moreover, having successfully delivered net zero energy and water systems for companies like Fazer, Valio, and Ingman Dairy, Adven is an ideal partner for firms navigating this shifting landscape.

About Adven: The silver sponsor

Adven is a leading Northern European provider of outsourced energy infrastructure solutions founded in Finland in 1970. With over 350 sites across the Nordics and Baltics, it serves three primary customer groups:

Municipalities: It provides households and businesses access to sustainable district heating

Properties: The company designs geo-energy-based heating and cooling systems for real estate portfolios

Industries: It supplies steam, heating, cooling, and water treatment to enable efficiency.

Under its unique Energy as a Service model, the organization offers complete ownership. It also offers the operation of customer-sited energy assets to guarantee reliability and performance. So, this liberates clients from technology risks so they can focus on daily operations.

By participating as a Silver Sponsor, Adven aims to support food and beverage players. It includes the ones seeking guidance on executing net zero roadmaps in the 2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum. As a result, with proven expertise in biofuels, renewables integration, heat recovery, water reuse, and strict SLAs, it is an ideal decarbonization sponsor.

The Adven Advantage

What truly differentiates the company is its Energy-as-a-service approach. Furthermore, it is centered on catering fully tailored solutions based on each customer’s net zero aspirations:

Technology agnostic

With extensive experience across thermal, geo-energy, and water innovations, the organization objectively selects optimal technologies. It helps to address sustainability KPIs.

Risk & investment partner

By owning and operating infrastructure assets, it liberates customers. This is from technology risks and upfront capex burdens.

Performance guarantees

Stringent SLAs linked to emissions, utilization, and reliability KPIs ensure solutions perform as designed over long-term partnerships.

These qualities make the company an ideal turnkey sponsor in the 2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum. Furthermore, it is ideal for planning, executing, and scaling ambitious decarbonization programs.

2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum: What’s its Focus?

The 2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum will facilitate solution-oriented dialogue. These will be the industry’s most pressing energy challenges. So, through panel discussions, roundtables, case studies, and open networking, attendees can expect to gain clarity on:

Roadmap to Net Zero

Net Zero targets encompass science-based goals and EU Nature restoration law impacts on Food & Beverage. It also includes groundwater directives focused on sustainable water management and Sustainability reporting ensuring transparency. Furthermore, renewable energy integration and Zero Loss Culture strategy drive efficiency. So, operationalizing sustainability turns aspirations into action. This is while the road map to Carbon Zero charts the journey to complete carbon neutrality. As a result, together, these topics offer a holistic view of sustainable practices within the Net Zero framework.

Decarbonizing the Supply Chain

The exploration of decarbonizing the supply chain in the 2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum encompasses challenges tied to sustainability. This involves addressing issues in the procurement of raw materials and emphasizing sustainability in sourcing. Additionally, the discussion delves into the concept of achieving net-zero packaging. It is aimed to minimize environmental impact. Overall, the discourse on decarbonization highlights a comprehensive approach. It also helps to foster eco-friendly practices within the supply chain.

Optimization of Facilities and Processes

The topic “Optimization of Facilities and Manufacturing Processes” in the 2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum encompasses a range of subjects crucial for efficiency. It covers the new design of adaptable food and beverage facilities, energy-efficient HVACR systems, air-cooled chillers with heat-recovery capability, and decentralized heating systems. It also displays PPA agreements for achieving Net Zero, temperature monitoring systems, energy demand analysis, air filtration’s role in efficiency, thermal energy/loads management, heat recovery projects, technology selection, solution evaluation, and green energy integration, including energy storage considerations.

Carbon Data Management

Carbon Data Management encompasses a range of critical topics. These are aimed at understanding and mitigating environmental impact. So, this includes in-depth data analysis of carbon footprints, generation of ESG reports, obtaining energy efficiency certification, ensuring audit-ready emissions data, and conducting comprehensive carbon life cycle assessments. As a result, these components collectively contribute to effective carbon management and sustainable business practices.

Join the Movement – Attend the 2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum

With climate impacts intensifying and regulations proliferating bold sustainability action is no longer optional for food and beverage enterprises. Moreover, it is essential to remain commercially viable. The 2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum represents the perfect venue. It can help shape what an ethical, resilient, and prosperous industry looks like.

We strongly encourage technology officers, operational leaders, strategists, and change agents across the value chain to participate in this one-of-a-kind event. Collaborating with sponsors like Adven through workshops and open exchange of ideas will undoubtedly sharpen visions. This is into executable roadmaps that create holistic stakeholder value.

Unparalleled Value for Food & Beverage Leaders

With established expertise tackling complex energy transitions across continents, Adven offers immense value for technology officers, sustainability heads, plant managers, and other senior food and beverage professionals seeking clarity on net zero.

By participating in the 2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum, attendees can directly engage Adven specialists across areas. It includes biofuels, electrification, heat reuse, water treatment, data analytics, and more. Moreover, collaborative workshops and open dialogue will empower decision-makers. This is to refine ambitious goals into pragmatic roadmaps backed by proven partnerships.

To sum up

The world is facing big problems like climate change, pandemics, conflicts between countries, and growing gaps between rich and poor. These issues are making it clear that we need to make significant changes in important parts of our lives, like how we produce and consume food and drinks. Simply making small improvements isn’t enough anymore. Instead, we have to make bold changes to reduce carbon emissions, and we need to work together like never before. This is crucial to make sure that by the year 2050 when there will be 10 billion people on the planet, we can provide them with enough food in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.

The 2nd Net Zero Food & Beverage Forum represents the kind of pioneering leadership platform where diverse stakeholders can align on disruptive patterns that enrich both commercial competitiveness as well as communities. We invite all those who envision a bright future for sustainable food ecosystems to join us in Berlin.