The Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction summit took place on June 11-12 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. It was a key event for the industry’s move towards sustainability. For two days, leaders and experts discussed how to build and run energy-efficient data centers. They talked about growing sustainable infrastructure, reducing costs, and the future of data center technology. So, in this article, we will look at those sessions in detail. We will also take a look at the partners who made the event successful. So, let’s dive in.

Illuminating Sessions: Charting the Course to Sustainable Data Centers

A wide range of presentations were made at the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit.  Furthermore, several of these sessions provided insight into important facets of the design and management of sustainable data centers. So, let’s examine them in more detail ahead:

Navigating Data Centre Regulation and Standards – Daniele Paci, European Commission

Daniele Paci, Scientific Officer at the European Commission, provided a comprehensive overview of the regulatory landscape shaping data center design and operations. The session explored EU directives influencing the industry. It came with a particular focus on aligning with European Green Deal goals. Furthermore, the speaker discussed key certifications like the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres. He also emphasized the importance of BREEAM validation for sustainability efforts. So, attendees at the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit gained valuable strategies for meeting and exceeding energy efficiency requirements in data center design. They also gained essential knowledge for staying compliant and competitive in the evolving European market.

Design Strategies: Datacenters Energy and Water Demand – Davide Giovenzana, Equinix

Davide Giovenzana, Director of Construction Management for EMEA South at Equinix, delivered a comprehensive look at the critical interplay between energy and water in data center design. Furthermore, the session delved into PUE and WUE definitions and dependencies. It addressed the pressing issue of water stress in Southern Europe. The speaker explored how water consumption in energy production influences strategies around resource use. So, attendees left with a valuable site selection checklist for water-based cooling systems. This equips them to make informed decisions in an era of increasing resource constraints.

Solutions for Commissioning, Regulation, and Monitoring Ventilation – Xavi Puig, Sauermann Group

Xavi Puig, Global Product Line Manager at Sauermann Group, presented cutting-edge solutions for ventilation management in data centers. The session showcased Sauermann’s instrument portfolio. Furthermore, it highlighted tools for precise commissioning, regulation, and monitoring of ventilation systems. So, attendees gained insights into maintaining optimal air quality and energy efficiency in their facilities. It is crucial for both equipment longevity and operational cost reduction.

Sustainable and Safe Backup Energy for Data Centers – Dr. Stefan Goebel, HOPPECKE

Dr. Stefan Goebel, Sales Director for Telecom & Infrastructure at HOPPECKE, presented innovative solutions for sustainable backup energy. The session focused on strategies to reduce CO2 footprints and air conditioning needs in data centers. Moreover, the speaker highlighted the importance of battery recycling in the circular economy and showcased solutions that minimize space requirements. Additionally, this presentation provided attendees with practical approaches to enhance the sustainability of their power backup systems. This is while maintaining reliability.

Assessing the Shift to Liquid Cooling – Jaime Comella, AQ Compute

Jaime Comella, Lead Data Center Architect at AQ Compute, offered a deep dive into the transformative potential of liquid cooling. The session explored regional differences in adoption. This is driven by climate pressures and water reduction needs. The speaker provided a cost-benefit analysis of various liquid cooling technologies. It includes direct-to-chip and immersion cooling. So, attendees at the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit gained insights into the economic viability of different approaches. They also gained strategies for driving wider adoption of liquid cooling to maximize its impact on data center efficiency.

Differences Between AI and Traditional Data Centers – Carles Cortadas Guasch, B-Global Tech

Carles Cortadas Guasch, Partner and CEO of B-Global Tech, illuminated the key distinctions between AI-focused and traditional data centers. The session covered critical aspects. This includes rack density, total power requirements, and specialized cooling needs for AI infrastructure. Furthermore, the speaker explored how these differences impact site selection, design, and operations. Moreover, this forward-looking presentation equipped attendees with essential knowledge for adapting their facilities to the growing demands of AI and machine learning workloads.

Hybrid Future: Air and Liquid Cooling Coexistence – Patrick Cotton, Airedale by Modine

Patrick Cotton, Product Manager for Chillers at Airedale by Modine, presented a vision for the hybrid cooling future of data centers. The session proposed innovative architectures integrating air and liquid cooling on a single chilled water loop. The speaker shared strategies for optimizing system temperatures and equipment selection. This is to maximize energy efficiency in hybrid models. So, attendees learned how deploying advanced cooling technology could deliver up to 45% energy savings compared to traditional designs. As a result, it provided a roadmap for evolution in cooling strategies.

Datacentre 2030 – David Hall, AtlasEdge Data Centres

David Hall, SVP of Colocation at AtlasEdge Data Centres, offered a forward-looking perspective on the future of data center design and operations. During the discussion, topics included:

  • The rising significance of liquid cooling technologies, 
  • The possibility of grid-interactive buildings with on-site generation, 
  • And creative methods of heat recovery and reuse.

The speaker’s insights helped delegates match their goals with new trends and technology. This is by giving them a glimpse of the highly efficient, sustainable data centers of the near future.

Effective, Adaptable, and Cost-Efficient Cooling Solutions – Craig Macfadyen, Munters

Craig Macfadyen, Director of Offer Strategy and Portfolio Management at Munters, presented a comprehensive overview of cutting-edge cooling solutions. The session covered:

The speaker emphasized sustainable solutions and the critical balance between efficiency and customization. So, attendees gained valuable insights into project delivery best practices and strategies. This is for ensuring customer satisfaction through optimal cooling design.

Unlocking Sustainability: Journey Inside a Cutting-Edge Datacenter – Michael Holm, Telia Company

Michael Holm, Global Sector Lead for Helsinki Data Center at Telia Company, took attendees on a virtual tour of a state-of-the-art sustainable data center. Furthermore, the session covered the impact of the European Energy Directive on data center operations. It also explored how location and climate influence efficiency. The speaker demonstrated the integration of UPS systems with the electricity grid. He also showcased real-world implementations of waste heat recovery. Moreover, this practical case study provided attendees with tangible examples of how to boost the Energy Reuse Factor (ERF). It also helps in driving down Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) in their facilities.

Scaling Up Sustainable Data Centre Infrastructure in Europe – Michael Wall, Prime Data Centers

Michael Wall, SVP of Development & Construction at Prime Data Centers, addressed the challenges and opportunities in expanding sustainable data center infrastructure across Europe. The session explored:

  • Energy-efficient designs for large-scale construction, 
  • Strategies for minimizing waste and reusing materials, 
  • And innovative approaches to cooling massive facilities. 

The speaker discussed power infrastructure designs supporting increased reliance on renewable energy. He also provided insights into optimizing operational costs and Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) at scale.

Boosting Energy Efficiency Through Increased Automation and AI – Ozgur Duzgunoglu, Telehouse

Ozgur Duzgunoglu, Design & Engineering Director at Telehouse, presented cutting-edge approaches to enhancing data center efficiency through automation and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the session went beyond basic asset monitoring. It explored AI applications in capacity management, procurement strategy automation, and predictive maintenance. Additionally, the speaker highlighted opportunities for AI-enhanced security and its role in business continuity and disaster recovery. So, attendees at the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit gained insights into the transformative potential of AI in optimizing data center operations.

The Impact of Immersion on Brownfield Facilities – Franco Caroli, Submer

Franco Caroli, South EMEA Account Manager at Submer, offered a detailed look at integrating immersion cooling into existing data center facilities. The session explored:

  • Phased approaches to retrofitting, 
  • Addressing challenges in accommodating high TDP chips, 
  • Reducing power consumption, and increasing capacity. 

The speaker provided attendees with practical strategies for leveraging immersion cooling. This is to enhance sustainability and performance in brownfield sites. As a result, it offered a path forward for facilities looking to modernize their cooling infrastructure.

Power Requirements and Planning in Data Centre Design – Juan Carlos Vaamonde, DATA4

Juan Carlos Vaamonde, Spain’s Country Director at DATA4, delved into the crucial aspects of power infrastructure in modern data centers. The session covered:

  • Designing power distribution systems that align with overall architectural layouts, 
  • Integrating intelligent power management systems, 
  • And engineering scalable electrical systems. 

Attendees gained insights into future-proofing their power infrastructure. This is to accommodate growth and evolving energy demands. It is essential knowledge for sustainable long-term planning.

Reducing Environmental Impact in Data Centre Architecture – Mubarik Chowdhry, Heidelberg Materials AG

Mubarik Chowdhry, Director of Global Innovation Hub at Heidelberg Materials AG, presented groundbreaking approaches to reducing the environmental footprint of data center construction. The session introduced strategies for reducing embodied carbon, including the world’s first net-zero carbon cement and concrete. The speaker outlined the de-carbonization outlook for building materials. So, it provided attendees at the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit with a roadmap for more sustainable data center construction practices.

AI in Data Centers: Implications on Infrastructure Design and Delivery – Piotr Kowalski,

Piotr Kowalski, Head of Innovation at, explored the profound impact of AI on data center infrastructure design. The session covered AI-driven changes in data center architecture. It includes white space and grey space considerations. The speaker discussed:

  • Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) topologies, 
  • IT load optimization strategies, 
  • And approaches to enhancing energy efficiency and heat recovery in AI-centric facilities. 

Attendees gained valuable insights into preparing their infrastructure for the demands of AI and machine learning workloads.

Addressing Net Zero Goals Across the AEC Supply Chain – Panel Discussion

A distinguished panel featuring Piotr Kowalski (, Manuel Giménez (SPAINDC), Jaime Comella (AQ Compute), and Michael Holm (Telia Company) engaged in a thought-provoking discussion. It was on achieving net-zero goals throughout the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) supply chain. The session explored collaborative strategies for adhering to sustainability goals and addressing challenges and opportunities across the entire data center lifecycle. So, attendees gained a holistic perspective on the industry-wide effort required to create truly sustainable data center infrastructure.

Reserved Session: Innovative Data Center Solutions – Sam Allen, Inova

Sam Allen, General Manager at Inova, delivered a specially reserved session focusing on cutting-edge data center solutions.

Visionary Partners: Empowering Sustainable Innovation

Behind every great event are the partners who make it possible. The sponsors of the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit brought their expertise, innovative solutions, and commitment to sustainability to the forefront. So, let’s know about them in detail ahead:

Heidelberg Materials – Silver Sponsor

Heidelberg Materials is a global leader in building materials and solutions. It has showcased its commitment to sustainability in the data center industry with a presence in over 50 countries. Furthermore, the company is at the forefront of the path to carbon neutrality and circular economy in the building materials sector. Additionally, Heidelberg Materials’ focus on sustainable building materials and digital solutions aligns perfectly with the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit’s emphasis on eco-friendly data center construction.

Sauermann Kimo Group – Silver Sponsor

The Sauermann Kimo Group brought 45 years of expertise in industrial and HVAC markets to the event. Specializing in indoor air quality (IAQ) and critical environment control, Sauermann’s presence highlighted the importance of precise environmental management in data centers. Moreover, their innovative product lines, including the Si-C320 transmitters, offer reliable measurements crucial for maintaining optimal data center conditions.

B-Global Tech – Bronze Sponsor

The sponsorship from B-Global Tech highlighted the significance of specialized architecture and engineering in data center design. Furthermore, the business, which has operations in Barcelona, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur, approached the development of sustainable data centers from a worldwide viewpoint. Additionally, their diverse team of more than fifty engineers and architects specialized in essential infrastructure design, which aligned with the event’s focus on sustainability and innovation.

Airedale by Modine – Bronze Sponsor

Airedale by Modine’s participation highlighted the critical role of efficient cooling solutions in sustainable data center operations. As part of the global Modine group, Airedale brought expertise in chillers, CRAHs, fan walls, and immersion cooling technologies. Moreover, their presence underscored the importance of thermal management in achieving energy efficiency goals.

HOPPECKE – Bronze Sponsor

HOPPECKE is the largest private company in Europe that makes industrial batteries. They showed their safe power solutions for data centers. Furthermore, they are experts in clean energy drives and storage, supporting the goal of a stable and eco-friendly power system. Additionally, HOPPECKE’s innovative approaches to battery technology and recycling highlighted the importance of circular economy principles in data center operations.

Inova – Bronze Sponsor

Inova brought its pioneering approach to data center solutions to the event, showcasing reliable and scalable equipment designed to meet evolving customer needs. Their comprehensive offerings, including cabinets, racks, cooling solutions, and cable pathways, emphasized the importance of holistic infrastructure design in achieving sustainability goals. Moreover, Inova’s mission of “Data Center Innovation with The Earth, and Its People, in Mind” resonated strongly with the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit’s focus on responsible industry growth.

Submer – Presentation Partner

Submer’s participation as a presentation partner highlighted the growing importance of immersion cooling technologies in the data center industry. Founded in 2015, Submer has quickly become a leader in enabling data centers. This is to leverage the power of immersion cooling for various applications. It includes HPC, hyperscale, Edge, AI, and blockchain. Furthermore, their presence underscored the potential for immersion cooling to drive significant efficiency gains and sustainability improvements in data center operations.

Munters – Presentation Partner

Munters brought its extensive expertise in innovative air and liquid data center cooling solutions to the event. Furthermore, their focus on pushing data center efficiencies higher while maintaining precise environmental control aligned perfectly with the Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit’s goals. Moreover, Munters’ tailored approach to cooling and humidification solutions, backed by experienced sales and applications engineers, highlighted the importance of customized, efficient cooling strategies in achieving sustainability targets.

To Sum Up

The Data Centre Design Engineering & Construction Summit in Barcelona, Spain served as a crucial platform for knowledge exchange, innovation showcase, and collaborative problem-solving in the pursuit of sustainable data center infrastructure. Furthermore, the diverse range of sessions and the wealth of expertise shared by speakers and sponsors alike provided attendees with actionable insights and strategies to implement in their projects and operations.

As the industry continues to grapple with the dual challenges of exponential growth and environmental responsibility, events like this become increasingly vital. Moreover, they offer a unique opportunity to stay abreast of the latest technologies, regulatory developments, and best practices shaping the future of data centers.

We encourage industry professionals to attend future events, as they provide unparalleled value in terms of networking, learning, and strategic planning. By participating in these gatherings, attendees gain knowledge and connections. These are necessary to drive meaningful change within their organizations and contribute to the broader goal of creating a more sustainable digital infrastructure.

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